Just like bedlinen, bath towels are also about personal preferences. On the one hand, some prefer to go for linen and cotton, whereas on the other hand, some like something comfier like soft and fluffy. Although absorbency and feel hold an essential place, the colour and the look is what attracts more! 

Where plush white and neutrals are the all-time go, bold colours add up to the bathroom life. However, if renovating the whole bathroom is not what one is looking for, this can help! 

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Fabric Guide: 

It can be tricky to buy these towels because, on the one hand, the towel should be soft to feel and touch; it should have the right texture and colour to add to the bathroom’s aesthetic. But, on the other hand, one cannot forget the primary purpose; hence an essential thing to look for is the fabric because that helps absorb the moisture from one’s body. Various materials are used to manufacture these towels, starting from linen to polyester; however, the absorbency level differs for all materials. Despite this, cotton is the most common and famous one and has different varieties in it also.

Here are fabric options that are used in the manufacture of the towels:

  • Organic cotton: These towels are knitted with cotton without any pesticides or chemical fertilisers.
  • Egyptian or Turkish Cotton: The feature of extra-long and highly absorbent fibres makes this the most high-quality cotton. They are softer and more durable than other cotton options. They are a go-to option, despite being a bit high on budget.
  • Bamboo: This type of towel is an amalgam of cotton and bamboo. They are soft, lush and have good absorbency and have good colours. 
  • Supima Cotton: The long fibres used to make this are soft and absorbent, making these a high-quality product.

Weight & GSM

A new and unknown term will be noticed in the description of the towels if one sees it correctly. That is GSM, which means grams per square metre, which is the thickness of the towel. This is an essential factor as it affects absorbency. Light-weight ones are 250-450 GSM, mid-ranged ones are 450-600 GSM, and luxury and pushed ones are 600-850 GSM. It’s advisable to go for a towel with a mid-ranged GSM because the higher the GSM, the more the thickness will take more time to absorb.

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It’s not much of a hassle to maintain towels. Mostly all towels have care instructions in them, so one doesn’t need to worry. 

Machine wash with lukewarm water and sulphate free detergent will help maintain the softness and durability of the towel. Washing them separately is also recommended.

There are various places to shop from when it comes to bath towels. One of them being Sheridan. This brand is a renowned luxury brand for homeware, bath, bedding, etc., for over the years now. This brand offers a wide range of premium quality bath towels curated with quality texture and weaves, giving a chic look. 

Bath towels bring the look of one’s bathroom without being heavy on the budget. It is a perfect no-renovation renovation thing. With the various options in the market, the price differs according to the material and its functionalities. Therefore, one must choose the right one that strikes between quality and budget. With the buying guide above, I hope it will be easier to select the ideal towel for themselves.