Methods of Software Development

For those of you who are working in the IT field, you must already be familiar with software development. This term is especially common and familiar among software developers and programmers. It is because software development is important in creating, developing, and maintaining a software product. Software development is a development process of a software product, such as an application or program that is systematically run so that it results in a good, quality product.

Software development consists of some parts. For example, frontend development and back-end development. And each software development company, including may use different methods and stages. Besides several stages, software development also has several development methods or models that have different characteristics. Below are the methods of software development.

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Waterfall Method

As you know, a waterfall flows from the top down to the bottom due to gravity. The waterfall method of software development means that it is gradually performed, step by step, starting from the analysis, designing, implementation, to maintenance. If there is a failure at one stage, it will be repeated back to the previous stage. There are several companies that still use this waterfall method. 

This software development method focuses on the accuracy of the estimated time and resources needed. This waterfall method is suitable for small-scale projects that do not require too many costs and resources.

Spiral Method

This method of software development has a high repetition level. The spiral method focuses on each repetition performed, which is the repetition of each stage of software development. It can be said that the spiral method is the most flexible software development method. It is the same as the iterative method. However, you should take note that this method of software development can dissatisfied clients since the work process is relatively quick.

On the other hand, this spiral method is very suitable for creating an affordable, quick software product. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to every stage of this spiral method.

RAD Method

RAD or Rapid Application Development is a software development method that is ideal for creating high-quality products at a low investment cost. The cost can be minimized because of the rapid adjustment process of each stage. There are at least 4 stages of this RAD method, which are requirements planning, designing, constructing, and the last stage is transitioning, which is moving from the old version to the new version.

The design and construction stages can be performed repeatedly until the clients accept it. Software developers can repeat the design and construction stages without having to repeat the planning stage.

Prototype Method

This software development method is quite different from the previous methods because it uses a prototype, as the name implies. So, the first thing that developers need to do when using this prototype method is creating a prototype of an app. The sample then will be presented to clients to reach an agreement. Once the clients have accepted it, developers will create the real product as the final result of the project. This prototype method can provide a solution to overcome issues found in the waterfall method.

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DevOps Method

The DevOps method emphasizes more on organizational culture, meaning that besides paying attention to the software development stages, it also pays attention to teamwork between departments on the development of the organization’s life cycle. This affects the quality assurance as well as the operation of software development. So, using this software development method requires deeper management knowledge and good teamwork.

With these two things, each department and team are expected to be able to carry out their own tasks correctly and properly.

Incremental Method

It can be said that the incremental method involves other software development methods. Then, each cycle is divided into smaller cycles. The iteration can be easily organized and has gone through various stages of planning, design, implementation, and testing.

Agile Method

The agile method is one of the most used software development methods by many companies and start-ups. Because it is the most ideal method to be applied in product and software development both within short terms and long terms. The agile method is also known as the scrum method. The benefit of this software development method is that each team can do the work together without having to wait for another team to finish the work.

Moreover, there will be evaluation and coordination every week to 2 weeks regarding the results of the work done by the project manager. Clients can also see the results of each team’s work.