Los Angeles car accident: Avoid these common 5 mistakes

No one wakes up hoping to get injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, such accidents, fender benders, and crashes are not are on the busy roads of Los Angeles. Immediately after an accident, you must take steps to protect your interests. California is a claimant-friendly state, and therefore, even when you are more at fault than the other party, you can sue them for damages. Of course, the final settlement depends on your fault percentage. In this post, we are sharing five mistakes to avoid after an accident and why you need an injury lawyer in Los Angeles

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  1. Not informing the police. Don’t be tricked into assuming that you don’t need to inform the police. In fact, you should file a report with the California DMV within 10 days if someone was injured or killed in the crash, or when there was significant property damage. 
  2. Running away from the scene. If you flee the scene after the accident, this can go against you. Your license could be suspended, and you could be charged in a “hit and run” case. Never leave the accident scene until an investigating officer has arrived. 
  3. Admitting fault. Even when you were at fault, never admit the same to anyone, not even to the police. Anything you say can go against you. The details must be shared with your attorney and no one else. 
  4. Posting on social media. People often find the thrill in posting details of their injuries and accidents on social media. This can actually impact your claim adversely. As we mentioned, only an attorney should know the key details. 
  5. Not checking with a doctor. Do not assume that your injuries are minor and don’t require medical care. You need the medical records and documentation to prove that you were injured in the accident. 

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Get an injury lawyer

People often do not want to hire injury lawyers because they are worried about the costs. PI lawyers usually work on a contingency fee, only payable when the client wins. Your lawyer is the best person to advise on the worth of your claim. While most car accident cases are settled outside of court, you need an attorney to ensure that you don’t settle for less. Insurance companies are not here to help or empathize, and if you don’t know their tactics, your eventual settlement may not justify your losses. 

You can ask around to find top injury lawyers in LA. 

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