Labour Day or May Day In India  2021 History | Significance & Celebration 

What is the History and Significance Of Labour Day In India? And Ways To Celebrate  This Day

Labour day, also known as May day is celebrated on 1st May every year in India. The date of celebration of this day varies from country to country as the history and significance of this day is different for each country, though the theme is the same for everyone. The basic theme of labour day is to stand against exploitation of labourers, especially extra working hours of labourers and working-class people, and to celebrate their achievements and contributions. This day was originated in the 19th century to celebrate the dedication and strength of the working-class. Even in the current situation of Coronavirus pandemic, labourers are helping the most and are giving their 100% in healthcare staff and in other ways to help fight the virus. Which makes labour day, an important day to thank all the working-class people for their contribution in this fight and is an ideal day to know the history and significance of this day. Here have a look to read all about labour day, from history to celebration ideas. We have it all here.

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Why is labour day celebrated on 1st May in India?

Talking about the celebration of labour day in India, the origin of this day is from another country, but the main reason as to why India and other countries celebrate this day is the belief in the theme of this day, as we all believe in standing against the exploitation of the working class people.


The first celebration of labour day in India was organized in Madras by the Labour Kisan Party on 1st May 1923. And that was the first time, labour day flag was raised in India. And since then this day is celebrated on 1st May in India.

What is the history of labour day?

International workers day, originally originated by the US trade unions in the 19th Century, when they raised their voice demanding a reduction in the working hours of labourers. They demanded the working hours to be reduced to 8 hour per day for which the union movement advocated 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of recreation in a day. Because of the rise of industrialization in the 19th century, Industrialists in the US exploited the labour class people by making them work more than 15 hours a day. Later, their voice was heard and the American federation of labour chose 1st May as the day to continue the campaign which later became an annual event and till now people celebrate it on 1st May.

What is the significance and importance of labour day in India?

The significance and importance of labour day lies in the important theme of this day. Because people believed in standing with the theme of labour day i.e. against the exploitation of labourers, this day became an important day to mark the contribution and help of working-class people. Labour day is considered as a significant day in India and in honour of this day, the government announced 1st May as a national holiday in India.

Is labour day a holiday in India?

Yes, labour day is a national holiday in India. As per the history of labour day in India, a red flag was hoisted by the communist leader, Malayapuram Singaravelu Chettiar during the first celebration of this day in India and on that day, the party leader urged the government to make labour day as a national holiday in India. 

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How to celebrate labour day?

Labour day is usually celebrated by participating in rallies, marches and protests that are held to raise awareness about labour issues like work for migrant workers, minimum wage rights and other such issues. But because India is fighting Covid-19 pandemic, we’d suggest you stay at home and connect with people via social media or other virtual mediums to spread awareness and spread the word by sending May Day wishes through your phone. You can also indulge yourself in May day activities or if you’re an employer, then do send some greetings, food, sweet messages, bonus or anything you like to your employees to appreciate their hard work. Take this day to express gratitude to the workers for their contribution. 

So, this was all the information related to labours day that gives you a brief overview about this day. We appreciate the help of working-class people and their contribution (especially) in fighting this pandemic. Happy Labours Day!