8 ways to take screenshot in windows 10

New to Windows 10? Confused as to how to take screenshot in windows 10or edit them? Want to record your moments during your favorite game? Well here are some tips for take screenshot in Windows 10 that would help you.

Using PrtScn (Print Screen):-

This is one of the commonest methods of taking a screenshot in windows 10 and works on every version of Windows. When you press PrtScn on the keyboard, the screenshot will be saved to the clipboard, which you can choose any time and copy it to any of the photo editing apps like Paint and edit according to your preference.

Using Alt+PrtScn:-

If you wish to capture an active window of your screenshot, all you need to do is press the Alt key and PrtScn together. This also likes previously; the image would be saved in the clipboard.

You would have to choose any of the photo editing apps in your Windows and copy it from the clipboard and edit according to your choice and save it on the Windows.

Using Windows+PrtScn:-

If you do not want to take the extra step of saving the screenshot from the clipboard, there is always another option. All you need to do is press the Windows key and PrtScn simultaneously.

This will directly save the screenshot in the Pictures folder under the name “Screenshot(number).png”. The number would vary on the number of screenshots you have taken.

Using function key:-

There are three ways the function key works to take a screenshot in a laptop or convertible device. Below are the following ways:-


This shortcut takes the screenshot of the whole window and saves it on the clipboard. You can use any photo editing app to save it on your system. It is equal to pressing the PrtScn key


Similar to the shortcut Alt+PrtScn this shortcut also takes the screenshot of the active window and saves it on the clipboard. You can use apps like Paint to save it on the Windows folder and edit it as you wish.


This option allows you to take a screenshot and directly save it on Windows without taking the trouble actually to save it from the clipboard. This is a time-saving option and very much similar to pressing Windows+PrtScn keys.

Using Windows+Shift+S:-

Initially, this feature was a part of OneNote, but now it has been added to Windows 10. If you want to capture a part of your screen, press Windows+Shift+S. A cursor would be shown, which you can use to draw on the screen that you wish to capture. The image will be saved on the clipboard. You can use any photo editing apps to save it on Windows.

Using Snipping Tool:-

Snipping Tool is a Windows app that lets you create or edit screenshots on Windows. You can search for ‘Snipping Tool’ in the start menu search box and tap on the result on Windows 10.

The mode button option in the app allows you to choose the type of screenshot you want. There is also the Cancel button to cancel the current action. This app is user-friendly and more convenient to use.

Using Snip & Sketch app:-

As of now, both the Snipping Tool app and Snip & Sketch app are both available a Windows 10. This app focuses on sketching the screenshots after you have taken them. It also allows you to take three forms of screenshot, rectangular, free-form, and full screen. After you take the screenshot, Snip & Sketch opens the editing window so that you can modify the screenshot to your preference.

Using Gaming Bar:-

Using Gaming Bar:-

If you are playing your favorite game and you want to capture your best moments, Windows 10 offers you the Game Bar, which can be used for any game of your choice. During the game, press the Windows+Alt+PrtScn to capture your moments. It is directly stored on your Windows 10.

You could also bring the Game Bar up by pressing the keys windows+G and tap on the “Take Screenshot” option. Then the screenshot will be saved in your folder with the name of the game and the date you played the game. It also allows you to record the game.

   These are few shortcuts that you can use to take a screenshot in Windows 10. I hope these tips assist you in making your tasks simpler.