How to set up a lawn in your new home?

So, the moment has come when you are standing on your newly constructed dream home’s porch and thinking about how you will set up a lawn here where you can spend the most peaceful and relaxing time then. There are a lot of things to do when moving out of state, and planning for the lawn at your future home is certainly one of them.

Of course, you don’t know what is present there behind the surface which might not be plant friendly but without a green lawn, no home looks great. It is only the lawn that enhances the value of a home and makes it livelier. So here is the right guide for you that will help you in having a perfect lawn at your home.

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According to research, four out of the five homeowners say that it is very important to take care and upkeep the lawn else it will decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home and how your home looks to others.

  1. Prepare a plan 

Before you embark on the mission, you should have a proper plan in your hands. Grab a pen and paper and then prepare a plan according to Your lawn type like in the case of a circular lawn, you need a different plan, in the case of a rectangular you need to create a different plan. Check from where the sun comes in and where it goes down. Apart from this, you should consider the time of the year, the season and the climate conditions of the place.

Only after considering these factors, you can prepare a plan to set a lawn where you along with your pets and kids can have some of the best moments of your life.

  1. Know what to plant at first 

You should know what you should plant on your lawn. Whether you want to plant vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you should know it before you start. Each one even a combination of flowers, herbs, and vegetables makes a stunning garden that looks amazing.

  1. Know the soil quality 

The soil might look perfect for seeding but it might not be perfect and you might need to go down with the dirt. The more fertile the soil is, the better and easier you can grow the plants. Usually, the contractors fill in the depressions to elevate the surface with the help of the soil and this soil can come from a wide number of sources. Therefore, it is not always true that the soil is fertile.

  1. Work on the soil to improve its quality

Before planting or seeding takes place, it is important to work on the quality of the soil. Residential soil needs a boost especially the newly constructed home’s soil. Because the soil can be infertile, poor, highly wet, or dry or it can be too alkaline or acidic on which growing the plants is not an easy task.

To improve the soil quality, you should add a new bed up to 2 to 3 inches by adding compost, old manure of the soil, decayed leaves, and so on. You can dig the current bed up to 2 to 3 inches to add the new surface while if you don’t want to dig then you can also add the new surface up to 2 to 3 inches with these items. If you want to know the soil quality then you should do a soil test which helps you how fertile the soil is.

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  1. Start seeding or planting 

When you know that the soil is ready for planting then it is time to grow the grass to prepare a lawn that you will love. People choose to grow several types of grasses, herbs, and vegetables on the ground. The several types of grasses could be of any color like green which is common, rye, or bluegrass. The grasses are different for the different seasons and you can opt for any as per your convenience.

  1. Use any type of sowing seeds 

There are different types of techniques are present out there that has been used to sow seeds. Some of the most popular techniques are lay sod, hydroseeding, and so on. You can opt for a technique according to the climate conditions of the area and as per the cooler air or warmer air. The technique you use also affects the impact on the lawn. So choose a technique of sowing seeds carefully.

Wrapping it all up: 

A lawn is one of the most attractive spots present in a home therefore it should be highly maintained so that it can attract the visitor’s attention and can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Therefore, you should upkeep your lawn well but if you don’t have much time in improving soil quality and in sowing seeds then you can also take the help of professionals. There are a variety of apps that make your move easier so that you have ample of time to dedicate to your lawn setup. You can also set up the lawn before you move into your home and can start the procedure as earlier as possible.