How to Protect and Clean Your Wooden Dining Table

If your dining room table or even your kitchen table is made of wood, you might know how hard it is to take care of it. To be honest, most people have a wooden table, as it’s the most popular material to use for tables. 

Place your table too close to a source of heat and it will warp. Place your table in a sunny spot and the color can fade. Use your table every day and it will succumb to scratches and dents, and it will get dirty. It doesn’t seem that you can win if you have a wooden table, does it?

Some people spend a lot of money looking after their table. However, this is not always necessary. If you know how to look after it, your lovely kitchen or dining room table should look good for many years to come. 

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Cleaning your Table 

When it comes to cleaning your table, you don’t necessarily need to spend much money. All you really need is two microfiber cloths, a small bowl, and some liquid dish soap. Start by wiping any crumbs and debris off the table. If you come across some sticky patches, add one to two drops of dish soap to some warm water. Now dip your cloth in the water and ever so gently rub the area. This should help you to get rid of those sticky spots. 

Now clean the rest of the table, being sure to rub it gently. You should soon see a few clean areas emerging. If you come across any imperfections, please don’t try to deal with them now. Use some quality interior wood filler for surface imperfections once the table is dry. 

Buff your kitchen or dining room table with a clean microfiber cloth. This will help your table to have a better finish. In addition to this, it can also help to remove any excess dirt.

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Removing Water Rings

Chances are, after a while your lovely new wooden table will start to have water rings on it. This is perfectly normal and it can even happen if you use coasters. Don’t worry, you can remedy this fairly easily. Simply add some olive oil and vinegar to a glass or bowl. Now take a soft cloth and dip it into the mixture. 

Now apply the mixture to the water ring. Make sure you always move with the grain of the wood. This will ensure the end result looks much more natural. Once you have removed the water ring, take another soft, clean cloth and make sure you remove any moisture. If you need to, go over the water ring again, ensuring that you move with the grain. Remove any excess oil when you’re done, and allow the table to dry. 

Looking after your dining room or kitchen table can be fairly easy. Just make sure that you keep on top of the dust, dirt, and water rings that appear. This will ensure that your table continues to look good.