Why choose Security Cameras? The Benefits and Limitation of security cameras. 

Security Camera is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. In this technology-driven world where innovation and upgrades are there for our benefit.  A security camera is one of the wonders of modern technology, which is used in the office as well as in homes. 

In recent times, home security cameras have changed a lot. They are now more affordable than ever, come in both wireless and wired options and with the growth of the Internet and technology, one can keep an eye on or monitor their property from any part of the world. It has acquired its popularity as a productive and successful security measure, all credit to the immense benefits it offers.  A business can be imparted by crime in many ways. Crime is something that reduces the efficiency of the workplace by creating an environment that brings stress and a sense of insecurity. 

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A company has to start looking for crimes at the workplace to increase its profit margin and reduce the cost. And, use security cameras as an effective measure to put a stop to criminal or unauthorized activity.  

A few of the major Benefits of Security Cameras are- 

  • Cloud surveillance solutions – 

The recordings of Cloud video surveillance solutions need a storage device or place. But, imagine if the recordings are in no way connected with any physical wire or any device, instead, we need only the internet! It was made possible with the help of a cloud-based surveillance camera that records a video and the footage is converted to a file and sent to a storage host/server on the internet and can be viewed anywhere across the globe using a phone or laptop. 

  • Safety of Employees –

In reality, a lot of times we don’t feel safe and that lack of safety triggers a major fear that runs through our mind. The presence of security cameras can act as a deterrent and employees will be reassured knowing that there is a device that captures or records pieces of evidence in the favor of justice.   With this sense of safety that is provided by security cameras, employees tend to work more effectively when they know they are protected by cameras.

  • Reduces crime rate – 

The most obvious and biggest benefit of security camera installation is that you can see its effect on people the moment it is placed. Even if they are placed in a considerate spot, one will start feeling a sense of security, which is beyond words. A person will have the sheer thought of getting caught and will have to reconsider committing the crime. This can prevent crimes from taking place. It empowers businesses and prevents your office from becoming an easy target. 

  • Keeps a track of employee activities and workplace scenarios –  

A security camera will relieve you from all your problems related to timekeeping, productivity, or theft. The high-definition IP Camera with Wide Angle access and Multiview feature never lets you miss any corner of your workspace. Security cameras are extremely helpful as they help you to monitor the activities of people visiting your office or the employees working. A security camera is a great device to detect any suspicious activity or person and keep track of their activities. 

  • Security Camera is Cost-Effective Solution for Long Run – 

It might look like an expense at first but if we look for a long-term solution, security cameras tend to reduce the damage that might occur by any criminal activity or theft, etc. The damage caused by any break-in will be way more than the installation of a security camera. What’s more! Many Insurance companies nowadays offer reductions in costs for the companies or homes with security cameras installed. 

Few of the Limitations of Security Cameras – 

  • Installation and maintaining cost – 

Installing a cheap Security camera can be cost-effective but it can break easily. The footage can be blurry, and poor in quality. Therefore, only use equipment from the best suppliers like Igzy who never compromise on quality standards. A quality product is always costlier at first but it will be worth it in the longer run. 

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  • Doesn’t stop a crime – 

Installing a security camera will not stop a crime in action or stop someone determined to commit a crime. Criminals are smart nowadays, and they often find a way to escape even with security cameras.  A security camera will help in the investigation. 

  • Privacy concerns – 

There have been few controversies in the past related to security cameras, especially in a working environment. There have been cases where employers have done constant surveillance without the permission of their employees and it led to the violation of Article 21, of the constitution of India. “It was held by the Court that the right to privacy is a part of the right to protection of life and personal liberty”.

Conclusion – 

We have stepped into a new decade, we expect to see a new wave of innovation in technology and applications. Deep learning and AI are being used widely. And, the best cloud home security camera can collect data with utmost precision. And, they can make a forecast based on integrated analytical software that manufacturers have developed. If you want to keep an eye on what’s happening in your home or office, when you’re not there, but you don’t want to invest in a full-fledged home security system, a Wi-Fi-connected camera is worth a look. 

We at Igzy provide you with the best in class smart devices equipped with cloud-based home security cameras that help you simplify your business and life.  Video-surveillance works as the remote eyes for security forces and management. While the shift to a smart home security camera is playing an important role in the mindset of a consumer because he is getting access to easy to install wireless security cameras.  It is a part of the plan to protect personnel and assets. It is a critical subsystem for any absolute security plan.