Gone are the sweet old days of children going to school together and playing games on their way home. The deadly Coronavirus has changed the way children learn and study. Thanks to technological advances, children can now continue their studies without interruption. Students need to learn online etiquette and develop new habits to function well in this modern world. As a parent, it is your duty to guide your children the right way so that these online classes become joyful for them. 

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Remove Distractions: When a student is not in a classroom, it is hard to monitor his every move. Children actively look for ways to do something else other than paying attention to what there is saying. Therefore, when the teacher is on the other end of the computer screen, it is easier for students to get distracted. Maybe you notice that while the screen is open in front of them as they fidget with their gaming devices. It is important to eliminate all the possible distractions in the room before setting up the online class. Be sure the student has everything he needs for the class so that he does not get up from his desk at every chance he gets.  

  • The key to a successful online learning experience is clear communication. Therefore, make sure that the child can communicate well with his tutor. If he faces any problem regarding a study topic, he must convey the same to the teacher. Students should have a definite idea about what is expected from them so that they can perform to their fullest ability. 
  • The study room should be treated as a classroom. No one should barge into the room while the online session is going on. If you have babies in the house, make sure to keep them in some other room during an online class. A strong internet connection is required for an uninterrupted session.

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Make Learning Fun: Children need variety, or they soon get tired of what they are doing. They must virtually meet their friends every once in a while after the online classes are over. Part of going to school is meeting friends and playing games with them; these activities help one grow their social skills. But now that everyone is isolated, one cannot meet their classmates in person. New-age students can create their own online study sessions and share notes with one another. These online sessions will help them be motivated and leave them energized. 

Be Punctual: Just because it is a blended learning program does not mean that one should join the session whenever he feels like it. As a parent, you must teach the children the importance of managing a schedule for an online class. Studies suggest that children learn way faster if they maintain a routine. There are many websites available online that works around your schedule and are flexible with timings. When your child is willing to explore new topics outside his syllabus, be sure to provide him access to the educational websites so that he can learn more and be ahead of his class.