5 Top Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

According to the experts at SoFi, every coin has different algorithmic and mathematical processes for investors to use and consider. Without an overview of top crypto that can outperform bitcoin, you might never find the choices right for your investment style. Here, you can begin learning with this guide to cryptocurrency on SoFi.

5. Bitcoin Cash

Don’t confuse this coin with its older relative bitcoin. Bitcoin cash uses the same blockchain of Bitcoin but with some enhancements in it. In fact, some who’ve claimed to have created bitcoin partner with bitcoin cash, taking the promises of blockchain to higher standards. Bitcoin cash can process more transactions and each at greater speeds than the original coin can. If you want crypto that’s likely to be useful in the near future, consider one that works but just a little better than the famed bitcoin. 

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4. Stellar

The developers of Stellar make international transactions safer across the globe. The verification and safety checks in international transactions require more regulations than a transaction in your home country would. The interconnectivity of our world makes Stellar relevant for governments, individuals and businesses that want the safest transfers in international space. Stellar is a significant investment for those looking for crypto that influences the global infrastructure and very popular on the bitcoin evolution site.

3. Cardano

Cardano is interesting because of the product it produces beyond its coin. The Cardano blockchain generates decentralized applications as a product. The blockchain market can integrate applications from Cardano in endless ways. Cardano, being a full DLT ledger, gives public and private sectors applications that improve wireless connections, transaction speeds and data transparency. Smart contracts produced by this development have the potential to expand the digital society in ways never thought possible. 


2. Litecoin

As an enabler of global transactions, Litecoin boasts of being among the cheapest ways to do international transactions. Many see this item as ideal because it’s convertible for real purchases while being available to trade in live markets. Decentralization is the core objective designed into the way Litecoin operates. This blockchain is open sourced, meaning that global entities may duplicate, reuse and even customize Litecoin’s source codes. As long as this coin remains diverse in its application, it can continue to incur value. Since these are among the most popular options, you may ask what other options are left. It is common having people asking what is Polkadot and DOT token and if it is as reliable and stable as the crypto giants. In the end, it is a matter of choosing those assets you feel comfortable putting your money in. And that confidence is a result of researching for all the information you need and obtaining it from reliable sources.

1. Ethereum

In a world where digital continues to develop, Ethereum produces decentralized applications that enhance our systems and processes in digital. Coders and developers are wielding the “more than a thousand applications” of Ethereum to reconstruct our digital world. Through its very own Ether coins, Ethereum’s platform is good for purchases or for a store of financial value as an e-coin.  

Having a diverse group of investments is how you avoid relying on just a single asset. Be sure to consider small investments of crypto other than bitcoin if you want to minimize your risks. To get the above cryptocurrencies, however, you often need to start with bitcoin as your purchasing agent.