Installing a TV antenna is not a hard task. The goal is to enjoy a clear and sharp vision of the TV. However, it required some specific steps, plus it is important to be fully informed about the tools and systems for installation.

In a few steps, I’d be showing you how to install an outdoor TV antenna. Also, contact these guys for your Geelong antennas.

Choose the Right Antenna

Before you go to the market, you should do well by inquiring from a technician about the perfect fit for your location. Because there are a lot of antennas on the market and choosing the perfect and suitable one for your home is quite tasking, especially if there are a lot of similar antennas on the market. You’d encounter the small, medium, and large multi-directional and the small, medium, and large directional antennas with varying and distinct features.

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Get an expert or a technician to guide you on purchasing antennas.

Check for Antenna Connectivity on your TV

Before going through the job of installing an antenna outdoor, you should confirm if your TV has specifications for an antenna. It is called a digital tuner. It works directly from the antenna; receives signals from the antenna and sends them to the TV for sound and picture.

Also, check for a coaxial cable input at the back panel of the TV.

Prepare for Installation

Once you are ready for installation, you should prepare the mounting bracket. It is the mounting bracket that would be assembled and mounted on the roof [outside]. In securing and assembling the mounting bracket, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. After assembling, you will need to insert some screws on it, and then silicone bolts on the screws. 

You might have to drill holes in the wall, so as to prevent wind or water penetration.

Assemble the Antenna

If necessary, you will need to assemble the Antenna, although some antennas come solidly assembled. If you need to assemble yours, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you’re done with it, mount it on the bracket, and tighten the bolts to secure them.

Attach the Antenna to the Pole

Loosen the bolts on the sleeve of the antenna. Then slowly slide the antenna in. While doing this, you should ensure that the pole reaches the top of the sleeve. Then rotate the antenna in the direction of the broadcast’s tower location. You should not tighten the bolts after rotating them, because you might have to readjust the direction of the antenna.

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Connect the Antenna to your TV

In this, you might need a pair of helping hands to tune the antenna until it becomes clear on the TV. Meanwhile, attach one end of the cable in the antenna box to the output terminal of the antenna, and the other to the coaxial input of your TV.

Once it becomes clear on the TV, tighten the bolts on the antenna to the pole.

Before finalizing your step up, you’ll need to ground your antenna by using a grounding block connected to the building ground.

But be sure to follow your area’s electric guidelines.

And you’re done!