How to take Screenshot in Laptop Windows 10

  Certain moments in your Window screen are may be worth saving or are important files. You may have to save them for future use. If you want to take screenshot on windows of your existing screen or an active window, you can follow the steps below.

How to take Screenshot in Laptop Windows 10

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STEP 1: Capture the image

   If you want to capture a particular screen on your Windows, To take screenshot on windows, press the PrtScn key on the upper right corner of your keyboard. You can also press Windows key plus PrtScn key together. If you want to capture an active window, press Alt + PrtScn simultaneously. In case you are using a laptop, with the above commands, press the Fn key along with it. The image will either be saved on your clipboard or in your Pictures in the Library. You can find them in your OneDrive folder too since the pictures are saved there automatically. The screen will flicker when you press these commands.

STEP 2: Open photo editing apps

   If you want to edit your picture in such a way that you crop it to your preference, or add filters, you can copy the picture and paste it on any photo editing apps like Paint. From there, you can use it for any purpose including moving it to any other folder, uploading it on social websites, or attaching it to an email.


STEP 3: Edit the picture

   You can edit the photo by cropping out, so that the window borders will not be seen. You can add filters to the image of your choice. Once it is completed, you can either right click and copy and paste, or use the shortcut Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

STEP 4: Save the Screenshot

   Under the File option, click on the Save as. The image will be automatically saved. You can name it to your choice in your preferred format. Click on the Save button on the bottom right corner once you are finished. you can also have look in the Personal blog vijay sai regarding the technology. 

   These steps would help you capture a screenshot on your computer screen. You can use those images for the various purposes of your choice. Hope these instructions above guide you in capturing a screen on your computer to take screenshot on windows.