How to Choose The Best Immigration Lawyer

Shifting to a new country is a thrilling and exciting new adventure. However, with any change come paperwork and legalities. Most countries are extremely strict about documentation and processes. These countries’ immigration systems and channels are very particular about the documentation submitted, verification, work-related experience, and education. Apart from these aspects, you must have proven proficiency in the local language and relevant work experience and credentials. 

With so many concerns surrounding migration from one country to another, it is necessary to find suitable solicitors. You should contact immigration lawyers Aberdeen for counselling and advice about the legalities surrounding migration. Since immigration is one of the most critical decisions people make, it is necessary to ensure that you are in good hands. The wrong advice or wrong documentation may land you in serious trouble with the local and foreign authorities. For this reason, and many others, it is necessary to choose a trustworthy, well-reputed immigration lawyer. 

Let us look at how to choose the best immigration lawyer to suit your needs. 

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The primary thing you should start with is research. Since you would undoubtedly be researching the destination country, you should also spend time researching the best immigration lawyers. Usually, the Home Office website is a site where you can find a lot of information. A lawyer regulated by OISC or SRA can be trustworthy since all the credentials are already vetted and verified.

Apart from the credentials, you can also check the individual websites and the social media sites of the solicitors. Many times, immigration lawyers have very active social media pages. At the very least, they tweet and post about the types of cases they handle, the challenges faced, and how they can help clients. Reading their posts and following them on social media can be a good indicator of the type of law they practice and how they can help. 


If you have friends, colleagues, family members, or others who have migrated to other countries and used immigration law services earlier, you could always ask for a referral. Family members and loved ones usually readily assist with contact numbers, names, and email addresses. Some of them even go out of the way and contact lawyers themselves. 

Asking for a referral from a known person who has successfully migrated to another country is advantageous because you are assured of success. While your background and case may differ from that of your friend, you may still have a higher chance of success if you decide to go through a known, trusted source. Asking for referrals is also an excellent way to get critical feedback and fasten the application. 

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Connect with Different Firms:

Once you are done with your research and have asked for referrals, it is time to start contacting immigration lawyers. Get in touch with the lawyers directly via social media, call the office landline, drop an email, and start a conversation. It would help to speak to the lawyers directly and arrange to meet with them in most cases. If it is not possible to meet personally, you should arrange for a video call at the earliest.

It would be best to connect with different firms simultaneously to understand the process and ensure all the lawyers provide the same information and timelines. Connecting with them will also help you get comfortable with the lawyer and ask any questions you may have. 

Fee Structure:

All firms tend to work differently. It is always best to check the fee structures when you have an initial discussion with the solicitors. Many times, there are hidden fees that may be very difficult to pay off. When initially speaking to the immigration lawyer, it is best to declare all costs in full. Some law firms also update their fees on their website. 

You could also ask the lawyer to make a package for your case (if several steps are to follow through). If you hire a lawyer who charges by the hour, you may be billed for excessive hours without realizing it. You may also not know the actual cost till you get the final bill. An hourly rate may become extremely costly in the long term. While finalizing the payment methods, types, and packages, it is also ideal to ask which services are included in the price. 

You should ensure there are several options before you finalize. It would help if you were wary of lawyers who make fake guarantees and ensure that things will work out 100%. There is no guarantee with immigration law, and the solicitor should let you know about all the drawbacks and pitfalls.