8 Things that Come in Handy for a Long Car Journey

Cars that belong to a single series of a particular brand look alike and have the same functionality. What distinguishing features set apart your car from an NSW neighbor who owns a similar car?

It likely has something to do with car modifications or added accessories. These aesthetic factors differentiate the looks of your cars. Many People usually pile these things up one after another to raise their driving experience and enjoy their journey.

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Do not let the accessories become such a distraction, that you forget to keep the fundamental things needed for you to legally drive a car. Store This includes your car insurance NSW documents, they are necessary policy, CTP insurance and your driver licence.

Listed below are some of the sought-after simple car accessories which you may want to glance at.

1. Anti-theft devices

You have shelled out a lot of money to buy a car. Now, invest in its protection too. Anti-theft devices prevent car theft/attempted break-ins and may help you reduce your third party car insurance or another insurance premium.

2. Air purifier

A small product like this can purify the air and remove foul odor. 

3. Car cover

f you want to protect your chassis as best as possible, keep your car covered from heat/dust/wind/rain, etc. You have spent enough on the vehicle. A little more money spent would offer strong car protection – for the outside, anyway.

4. Organizer

A car seat organizer has considerable space to hold your essential things like your phone, keys to your home, a few dollars, etc. It is easy to access and helps sort your stuff while you can concentrate on driving.

5. Hammer

This tool comes in handy when you have to escape your vehicle in emergencies. In case your doors get stuck in an accident, use this tool to break the windows or the windscreen and get out of your unsafe car. Look for a tool that has an in-built seat belt cutter which undoubtedly helps.

6. Fire extinguisher

Choose a small portable one and have it on board. You never know in what shape and form dangers arise. Being prepared with third party car insurance that supports things like third party fire and theft will cover damages in case of a theft/fire, helping to heal your financial wounds.

7. Mini car fridge

When you are  out for a ride on a hot summer’s day, sitting in the car, you get roasted like a turkey in an oven. To counter this, have a mini-fridge to hold your soft drinks/bottled water. You can grab one and chill amidst the heat.

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8. Fluffy cushions

Use this to rest your passenger’s tired heads and strained backs for a while – try to avoid using them as a driver lest they interfere with your driving. Cushions are comfort calls. Allow them to pamper your exhausted bones as a result of a long drive.


A tiresome journey is a big turnoff. Pick these essentials and accommodate them in your car to make your travel easy and fun. And don’t forget the car insurance NSW  btw policy!