Google Maps has a new Android Widget

Google Maps recently introduced a new widget that showcases live traffic around the user. Previously this functionality was restricted to within the Google Maps application only.

But today the handy widget can be layered upon whatever other work you may be doing so you can always keep an eye on traffic and important updates.

So if you are at the office in a meeting that is about to end then you can refer to the handy widget to check out travel times and adjust your route as required. Users can get information on any congestion, delays or incidents that would have an impact on their commute and act accordingly.

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Widget Wise

What is really cool about this widget is that you can view the traffic status in any area you want. So if you are going for another meeting for example, you can request the widget to display the traffic situation in your destination area as well. This can help better plan your daily itinerary and movements for a more productive working day.

Google Maps also made it possible recently to check out the Air Quality Index of certain locations prior to travelling. If you are sensitive to the quality of air then this feature will indicate the active levels of pollution in your desired location. 

This can make a big difference especially to those who are subject to changes in the air quality around them. If you are into outdoor sports you can also benefit from this feature. 

Following a long and detailed study on toll prices across the United States, the Google Maps app will now display toll prices to users so they may plan their route according to the different prices, as they require.

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Global App

Google Maps since its launch in 2005 has grown in leaps and bounds and as of 2020 claimed to have over one billion monthly active users. As of August 2013 Google Maps was the world’s most popular android app development

Modern features include displaying the location of Covid-19 vaccination centres and suggesting routes that are friendly for electric vehicle users. The Google Maps Route Planner is one of its most popular features. This allows users to plan their intended route in detail so they can best understand what lies ahead on their journey. From fuel stations to hotels and more Google Maps provides an insightful route plan that can be modified with a large list of variables. 

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Google Maps also provides business listings that help business owners better manage and market their business. Business listings are today very in depth with the ability for business owners to provide a wide range of information from the address and contact details to photographs, reviews and opening hours as well. A well maintained Google Maps listing for your business can have a direct impact on footfall.