A term paper: Step-by-step recommendations?

Every student thinks about how to write a term paper. This task is performed by all students of free economic education and secondary special educational institutions, regardless of the form of education and specialty. Writing a course project is a headache for many students because the very name of this type of work reflects its essence – consolidated and tested knowledge of the whole course, while, as a rule, coursework is written in specialized disciplines. This is due to the importance of successful completion of this stage of the study, late delivery of work can easily be a reason for expulsion from school, and if when passing an exam or test you can hope for a lucky ticket, the question of course work should be taken very seriously.

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What is a term paper?

Course research work or course project – is one of the important stages of learning, which consists of independent research by a student on a particular topic of the profile discipline.

In the master’s program coursework can be called research work, but the essence of the case does not change.

The purpose of writing a term paper is to consolidate the student’s knowledge gained during the educational process in the subject. Thanks to the work, it is easier for the teacher to check the quality of knowledge acquired by the student and the ability to apply this knowledge to solve professional problems.

The topics of term papers are approved by the relevant department and brought to the attention of students, where they usually choose their favorite topic. If the student was absent at this time, then the topic is assigned to him (from among the remaining). It happens that topics are distributed on the list without the right to choose.

The task may differ depending on what specialty and what course the student is studying. Sometimes the requirements dictate the need for full-fledged scientific research, and sometimes it is enough to study the theoretical material.

For example, a term paper on the psychology of a first-year student may consist only of theory, and his future senior colleagues must conduct empirical research.

Course work may contain:

  • title page;
  • content;
  • introduction;
  • the main part;
  • practical part;
  • conclusion;
  • list of references;
  • applications.

Stages of writing a term paper

1. Preparatory.

The opportunity to independently choose a supervisor – good luck for the student, it is very important to be with him “on the same wave”, it will gain his support, which is important. In addition, each teacher has several profile topics, and it is better that they were interesting to the student.

The key to success is to approach the supervisor to discuss the details of the course work immediately, even if there are no plans to start work shortly. In this way, you can show your interest and serious mood.

2. Study general information and draw up a plan.

The first thing you need to do after receiving the topic of the coursework is to select and study the literature on the topic. Read our article on how to find literature for any term paper and thesis.

The course – it’s the same thesis, only less than 3 times the volume, and most often, the thesis is written based on coursework, so high-quality elaboration of these stages will save your time and nerves in the future – it remains only to combine everything in diploma.

Next, you need to make a <bridge course work and coordinate it with the supervisor. Read – “How to make the content of the course work”

3. Selection of sources and compiling a list of references.

As a rule, the teacher hands his ward a list of recommended reading. But since one of the goals of the course work is to teach students to conduct independent research, some of the sources will have to look for themselves.

Abstracts from the Internet are not suitable for scientific work. You will have to look for serious scientific works, many of which are not publicly available online, so you should prepare for a trip to the scientific library. However, something can be found at home at the computer.

Important: many free economic zones require the use of foreign language sources. It is not necessary to thoughtlessly include in the list the first-best work which has casually got in notes of any monograph. It is better to use books that can be flipped.

4. Writing a term paper.

Therefore, after agreeing on the topic of work and the sources based on which it will be built, you can proceed to the most important stage of the course project. It, in turn, should consist of several steps.

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How to write a term paper yourself? How to write a term paper – read the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Write an introduction. This section should describe the relevance of the work, the degree of its development, research methods, and more. Many useful things can be found in the articles “How to write an introduction to a term paper” and “How to write an introduction to a thesis”.

Step 2. Writing the main part of the coursework. The main part of the work should contain 2-3 sections that fully disclose the topic of the course work. Each section must be divided into several paragraphs. Each section must contain the same number of paragraphs. It is necessary to identify the main theses, each of which must contain evidence. The material must be presented consistently and concisely so that one question follows logically from another. You can read more about how the main part of the scientific work is written in our article.

Important: do not forget that all theoretical material must be unique, ie set out in their own words. Otherwise, the work will be considered plagiarism and will not be allowed to be defended. At the same time, different inspection systems are used in different free economic zones, and sometimes in different departments of one educational institution, so it is better to specify at once which supervisor uses them.

Step 3. Implementation of the practical part. Thus, for PGS engineers – these are drawings made using AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc., for mathematicians – using Mathcad, Maple, etc.; for accountants – is an analysis of the financial activities of the enterprise. More detailed information on how to write this section can be found in the article: theoretical and practical parts of the course work.

Step 4. Writing a conclusion (formulation of short but capacious conclusions on the topic). The conclusion of the course work contains conclusions, results of the decision of the set tasks, analyzed and solved in work, and the description of what contribution the course work has made to modern science. Examples of the conclusions of the coursework can be found here.

Step 5. Make a list of used sources.

Step 6. Registration of applications. In addition, graphic, tabular, and illustrative materials for the course work are made. Applications in the course, as a rule, are not numbered. For more information on how to work with this section, see our article.

Step 7. Checking the course work by the teacher, correcting deficiencies. You can read about what can cause an unsatisfactory assessment here.

Step 8. Preparation for the defense of the project: writing a short but voluminous summary, ie one that covers the main issues and problems on the topic. This stage should not be underestimated, often 50% of the project’s success depends on it: the main thing is to submit your work correctly and be confident.


Thus, writing a term paper is a rather laborious process. However, as you gain experience, this process will take you less and less time. So it would be quite realistic to write coursework quickly and even overnight. However, it is better not to postpone the writing of coursework at the last minute.

If the student is not sure that he has the time and energy to perform the course, it is better to seek term paper writers. This will allow you to pass the term paper promptly, which will meet all the requirements.