Garden of Roses: 5 Best Types of Roses You Should Grow in Your Garden

Gardening has always been a fun and exciting sort of exercise to do. However, some gardeners get tired quickly, especially with those flowers that require a lot of effort from planting to caring, and will just die immediately. With that said, one of the best flowers to plant in your garden that requires minimal caring and can live for many years are roses, but not just one type of roses; the more types of roses you plant, the merrier.

While a lot of people thought that there is only one type of rose, those you give to someone on Valentine’s day, little did they know that there are many types of roses, and those roses you give to someone on Valentine’s day are just a glimpse of how charming other types are. With that said, here are the types of roses you should grow in your garden with their varieties.

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Floribunda Roses

One of your best options is the Floribunda types of roses when planning to plant a rose garden. These roses are a crossbreed of Polyantha Roses and Hybrid Tea, so they have a feature of Hybrid Tea shape with a color that includes white, pink, purple, and orange. Besides, it’s a good idea to plant this type of rose because they are low in maintenance and easy to care for. Here are the top lists of varieties of Floribundas you can plant in your garden:

  • Julia Child – disease resistant and has a long blooming time.
  • Iceberg – a tall growing shrub that is nearly thornless, which makes harvesting easy.
  • Mardi Gras – although not fragrant, its continuous flowering bloom makes up for it.
  • Impatient – has a color that blends in perfectly with other roses that has bright colors.
  • Eye Paint – easy to pollinate since its feature allures bees and butterflies.

Regardless of what varieties of Floribundas you plant in your garden, you can never go wrong with them as they elegantly bloom in clusters and not one flower per stem.

Grandiflora Roses

One of the most underrated types of roses out there is the Grandiflora roses. They are the result of the cross between Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses. However, don’t get confused with Floribunda and Grandiflora. The latter usually carry their flowers in clusters and have much taller stems than Floribundas. Not only that, since Grandifloras have much taller stems than Floribundas, they are usually an excellent option for cut flowers.

In addition, the first Grandiflora rose successfully created was named Queen Elizabeth, and there are numerous reasons why this rose deserves its name. One of those is its silver-pink flowers that can produce at least 38 stems. Furthermore, it has a fragrant tea smell and can bloom from spring to fall. So if you are a fan or curious about this type of rose, plan them now.

Hybrid Tea Roses

One of the best types of roses to plant in your garden is the Hybrid Tea roses. They are some of the most famous roses and great cut flowers that can grow up to three to eight feet tall. Furthermore, you’ll know that it’s a Hybrid Tea rose because of its well-formed pointed bloom flowers that can produce at least 60 petals per flower. 

Not only that, but what makes them good to plant in your garden is they have almost everything you look for in a flower; aromatic, beautiful, low maintenance, the list is endless. With that said, the best variety of Hybrid tea to plant in your garden is the Peace Rose because aside from those mentioned above, they are also a repeat bloomer making your garden a very fragrant place to stay throughout the growing season.

China Roses

Another type of rose that must be present in your garden is the China Rose. However, they are smaller but with more compact blooms than the other types of rose and are generally fragrant. In the light-matter, some hybrid types of roses owe a lot from those China Roses first introduced in the US because of how they contribute to the number of hybrid roses today.

Furthermore, what makes them good to grow in your garden is they come in multiple colors depending on the varieties you choose. What makes it more interesting is you can never go wrong with its varieties; a combination of pink, yellow, and white would add a wow factor to your garden. Not only that, you don’t have to worry much about taking care of them because they are mostly disease-resistant.

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Gallica Roses

We cannot finish the best types of roses without including the Gallica Rose in our lists. This is one of the most elegant types of rose your garden should have. They come in shades of purple, pink, red, and also stripes. Yes, you’ve read it right. Gallica Rose can produce stripe flowers as some of its varieties can be tracked down from the 12th century. Meaning a lot of development happened in this rose, including how they can produce stripe flowers.

If you want a different flower color, you might want to consider planting Gallica rose. The variety of Gallica rose that has a striped color is called Rosa Mundi. This variety is actually easy to plant because it can still bloom even with poor soil. However, they usually have suckers, meaning those followers that steal nutrients of the soil intended only for Rosa Mundi. So you really should watch out and get rid of those suckers.


There are a lot of types and varieties of Roses. However, those mentioned above are the best ones to plant in your garden. Besides, most of the varieties mentioned above have the same care needed. You only need to plant them in an area where there is full sunlight, add a little organic fertilizer if the soil is not healthy and you are all set. With your commitment and determination, you can achieve this.