AWS Certified Solutions Architect: What It Is and Benefits

Prominent companies like Airbnb, Netflix, General Electric, and Netflix use AWS. Every organization has started to adopt cloud services, irrespective of its size, and the key player in the cloud services industry is AWS. With this, opportunities for cloud computing professionals are increasing tremendously. Hence, professionals who are looking to advance their careers in cloud computing and information technology are pursuing AWS certifications.

32 percent share of the global cloud computing market is held by AWS. AWS certifications help professionals validate their cloud expertise and give them an edge over their peers since AWS certifications are industry-recognized. According to their job role and skills, professionals can acquire different AWS certifications such as Cloud Developer, Cloud Practitioner, and Cloud Architect. 

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There are various benefits of AWS certifications, including –

  • With AWS certifications, professionals can validate their knowledge and skills in this cloud computing platform.
  • Professionals can demonstrate their dedication and credibility to their cloud computing career path.
  • They can also gain access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community.
  • Professionals can boost their resumes with AWS certifications and get hired by potential employers.
  • They can advance their careers and demonstrate their technical expertise with AWS certifications.
  • Professionals can acquire the latest information and updates related to their domain.
  • They can also expand their network with AWS certifications by connecting with fellow AWS certified professionals and leaders.

There are various AWS certification courses that professionals can pursue depending on their field and their interests. One of the most in-demand AWS certifications is the AWS Solutions Architect certification. It is a highly valuable and sought-after cloud computing certification as the average annual salary of professionals who are AWS Certified Solutions Architects can be as high as $100,000. By acquiring this certification, professionals can expect to boost up their salary by up to 26 percent. With this certification, professionals can learn to design, plan and scale AWS implementations by using more than 70 cloud computing services. It is recommended for DevOps professionals, cloud developers, solutions architects, programmers, and cloud software engineers. 

There are a few prerequisites for taking the AWS Solutions Architect exam, including –

  • Candidates are required to have experience with AWS deployment and management services.
  • They should also have experience with networking, database AWS services, and storage.
  • Candidates should have an understanding of AWS tools and security features and their connection with traditional services.
  • They should understand network technologies related to AWS.
  • They should know how to build applications on the AWS platform that are reliable and secure.
  • Candidates should also know how to find relevant AWS services that meet technical requirements.
  • They should also know AWS basic architectural principles of building on the AWS platform as well as AWS global infrastructure.

It is recommended that candidates have at least a year of experience in designing distributed systems on AWS that are scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge in designing applications using AWS tools and services. They are also expected to demonstrate their skills in building enterprise-scale cloud solutions using AWS resources and migrating multi-tier applications to the AWS cloud.

AWS certifications are valid for three years and can be renewed every year after that. The AWS Cloud Architect certification validates that professionals know how to architect and deploy secure applications on AWS technologies and that they can define solutions using architectural design principles as per the requirement of the customers. 

To acquire the certification, candidates would have to give the AWS Solutions Architect Examination that covers four main domains – cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing. Candidates are expected to have a working knowledge of security and compliance. It is also recommended that candidates acquire the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, which is a foundational level certificate. It demonstrates that professionals have a basic understanding of the AWS cloud platform. 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is a 130-minute multiple-choice examination and is available in different languages including English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Generally, freshers require 120 hours of preparation whereas experienced professionals require up to 80 hours for preparation of this exam. To successfully pass the exam, candidates need to score a minimum of 720 out of 1000. The exam fee for the associate level exam is $150 and $300 for the professional level exam. With this certification, professionals will be able to master skills such as CloudTrail, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, AWS Cloud, EC2, FSx, Global Accelerator, and more. 

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Benefits of AWS Certified Solutions Architect

There are various benefits of pursuing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification, including –

  • Better job opportunities – Nowadays, more and more businesses are considering utilizing cloud computing solutions. Due to this, there are tremendous career-building opportunities for professionals in cloud computing.
  • Higher salaries – Since AWS Certified Solutions Architects possess skills such as creating solutions by utilizing architectural design principles and designing as well as implementing secure applications on AWS technologies, they are hired by employers who demand these skills and paid higher average salaries.
  • Getting recognized as an expert – Since AWS certifications are recognized and valued globally, professionals holding it would be considered experts and they would be ready for any challenges that might come up in their workplace.
  • Developing professional knowledge – One of the benefits of acquiring an AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is that professionals can be up to date with all the latest happenings and develop their knowledge.
  • Best AWS service selection – Professionals holding this certification can select the AWS service that is suitable. They can also guide the best practices for AWS architecture. Apart from this, certified candidates can find the cost involved in AWS as well as the mechanism to control it.

If you are considering pursuing AWS certifications, then the AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a must-have certification that you can start with and go on to pursue the advanced level AWS certificates. To prepare for the certification exam, you can take online training courses and refer to the exam guide.