Flying Privately vs. Commercially – What Are the Differences?

Have an important trip you need to make? Private jets don’t cost as much as you think. We’ve discussed how flying privately differs from commercially below. You’ll be able to decide which would be the most worth your time. Keep reading.

Departure Times

Commercial airlines would have multiple flights to the location that you want to visit. However, the flight schedule will be limited compared to a private airline. You’d be able to choose any departure date and time that you’d like. 

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Flying commercially is anxiety inducing. If you’re late, the plane would leave without you. You don’t have to worry about this if you’re going to be flying privately – the jet would wait. 

Early Arrivals

We mentioned arriving late, but what happens if you arrive early? Regular planes are forced to stick to a schedule, so you’d have to wait. Jets are allowed to fly whenever they want. Arriving early would result in you boarding early too. 

Due to the schedule commercial planes have to adhere to, there may be complications that result in flights being delayed. You might be boarding hours later than you should. 


Booked a private flight? One of the reasons the flights are more expensive than commercial ones is private carriers offering richer flying experiences. They would take care of everything, so you don’t need a ticket to board. 

As everything would be taken care of, the carrier might also offer transport to the airport. Reputed names like Pilatus Private Jet Charter provide this service.  However, this would incur an additional fees. 

Gone are the days where you need a paper ticket. If you’re flying commercially, an air ticket in electronic form would be fine. However, you’d still need to show proof of the ticket, while you wouldn’t need to when flying privately. 

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Airport Locations

Commercial airlines have a set number of airports they can use. This is not the case for their private counterparts. If you’re a business and need your employees to fly to a location, this makes a jet an excellent choice – commercial airlines may not be traveling to the region. 

You might think private jet companies aren’t as freely available. But if you check for a private jet charter company serving Toronto and Ontario, you’ll find thousands.  You can easily get a flight to where you need. 

Choose Your Seat

When booking a regular flight, you’ll have your seat assigned to you. Choosing a specific one would mean that you’d have to pay. It would especially be expensive to get a seat by the window, or one that has extra leg-room. This isn’t the case when flying privately. You’ll be able to choose whichever seat you want. 

There are a number of benefits of flying via a jet compared to a commercial flight. You can access more locations, which is the biggest advantage. You will also be able to board whenever you want, and the plane would wait for you if you’re late.