Can You Have Fun This Summer without Breaking the Bank?

It’s easy to get excited about summer plans and spend more than you can afford to. It will be especially tempting to go overboard when you’ve spent a lot of the year cooped up indoors. So, how can you have fun this summer without breaking the bank?

Make a Budget:

The smartest thing that you can do when you want to stop yourself from overspending is to make yourself a budget and try your best to follow it to the letter. Start by filling out a spreadsheet on your computer or downloading one of the top budgeting apps on your smartphone. Calculate how much of your income is needed for essentials, and then see what’s leftover. You can use some of those leftover funds to finance your summer fun. 

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Be careful not to spend all of your leftover funds on summer fun. Emptying your bank account could come with some unanticipated consequences, like not having enough to pay for an emergency expense. What if your car breaks down in the middle of the road? What if your fridge goes haywire and needs to get fixed? You won’t have enough savings to deal with these emergencies.

That’s why you need to leave some extra padding in your budget. If that’s not enough to cover the emergency, then you can turn to a website like CreditFresh and try to apply for a personal line of credit. This open-end credit tool can be very useful for emergencies. As long as you have available credit and your account is in good standing, you can withdraw funds and have them deposited into your bank account. Then you can quickly handle your urgent expense and deal with repayment later on. 

You don’t want this type of stressful situation ruining your summer fun. You can avoid panicking over how to pay for an unexpected expense by leaving some savings in your budget. 

Consider a Staycation:

Travel will be the biggest expense that you can afford to cut this summer. Instead of buying yourself a plane ticket to a tropical resort or far-off country, you can save money and enjoy your time off from work with a staycation. 

You can still enjoy the things that you would have on your summer getaway right at home. Drive to a nearby beach to soak up the sunshine. Wander through the great outdoors and go camping.Explore your hometown like a tourist by heading to the most popular spots. Take a look at these other staycation ideas and get inspired for your summer break.

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Host Potlucks:

If you’re hoping to save yourself some money this summer, you should host potluck parties with your nearest and dearest friends. By sharing the load, you can split the costs of food and spend a lot less time cooking.  

What if you don’t have enough room to host? Well, then consider bringing the whole event outside. You can throw a gorgeous picnic in the park or at the beach. 

Go Outside:

The beautiful summer weather won’t be around for long — so don’t waste your time inside! Grab your bike and go for a long ride. Go for a hike on a trail that you’ve never been on before. Listen to some music and take a stroll in the park. None of these activities will break the bank.

You can have plenty of summer fun without breaking the bank. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll go into fall without any financial trouble.