Stolen or lost Android Phone? Here’s How to get it back

When you lose your phone it always causes a lot of problems emotionally. Phone being the most personal device you own, losing it is a stressful experience. Calm your nerves because there are tools built into every android phone that makes it possible to lock and track down and locate lost phone with ease. With your initial settings properly done you can retrieve your phone easily.Below are few ways you can find lost or stolen android phone back.

Creating a secure lock screen

Scanning a fingerprint or entering a PIN code every time you want to use your phone can be very inconvenient, but the idea of someone having access to your personal information is even scarier. So make sure you create a passcode bigger than 4-digits and also set up fingerprint authentication under the security section of the setting app. An extra step to unlock your phone is worth considering the risk of your phone going to wrong hands.

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Find My Device

Firstly make sure your device is connected with your Google account. Find My Device is what you should be using to track the stolen or lost phone. This setting is done initially when you set your phone up. Any time you sign into your Google account, Find My Device is already on. You can go to security app and choose security & location>Find My Device and enable it. In case if your device does not have this option, go to Google>Security>Find My Device and switch to the ON position and exit the settings app. When you lose your android, log into this feature and locate your android on the app. You can also chose to wipe your data so that no one can have access to it or you can lock the device.

Third party tools

If you are not content with Google’s own feature, you can take the aid of few third party tools which includes certain apps from the Play Store. These apps are most recommended as they usually offer more remote control features and can give you an extra layer of security.


This is one of the best tracking app having many options including basic location tracking, secretly recording audio or video of the location or the people surrounding your device, taking remote pictures of the location, triggering an alarm and wiping your data so that no one has access to it. Cerberus has advanced features which includes hiding the app and making it difficult to find or uninstall it.

Lost Android

Being quite similar to Cerberus, Lost Android has its features which includes tracking the lost phone, wiping its data and taking pictures remotely. After installing the app from the Play Store, all you need to give is device administrator permissions. When you lose your phone log into the Lost Android website and login with the same Google account which you have logged in your phone and choose the features respectively.

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Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is not only used for smartphones but also for laptops. The convenient part of this app is that, with the free account you can track up to three devices. It covers all basic and important features including GPS tacking, taking pictures remotely and even scanning nearby Wi-Fi networks for better tracking.


The device always needs an active internet connection to send its approximate location. In case the device is turned off, or there is no internet connection, you can see your phone’s last location history to find where it was located before the connection was stopped. Location history always needs to be turned ON for that. By setting up a difficult password is the better option to protect your device so that your personal data remains safe. Always take an extra caution to ensure your personal belongings are safe with you.