Effective Ways of Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss and thinning are a part of aging, although they can sometimes be caused by certain medical conditions or trauma to the scalp. But don’t you worry because you can restore hair growth in affected areas through methods like hair transplant surgery. Read on to find some of the most reputable brands when it comes to hair restoration in Norway and beyond.  

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Skandinavisk Hair Institute

During the procedure, the surgeon removes follicles from a donor area (an area with dense hair), and implants them in the affected region. Notably, the success rate of hair transplant surgery significantly depends on the skill and experience of your surgeon. The Skandinavisk Hair Institute is a reputable clinic in the heart of Oslo. They have some of the best dermatologists and surgeons in the country. Once you get to the clinic, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks while you wait for your turn.

Once you meet the dermatologist, they curate a personalized treatment plan for you. The evening before your hair transplant surgery, you check into their exquisite suite, which has a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Even better, the suite is right next to the operating theatre, making it so convenient for you. You will be under anesthesia throughout the operation. You can find more information about hair transplantation here. 


If surgery is not your thing, you can try Toppik fibers. These fibers are made of organic keratin from wool hair. They then undergo static charging to ensure that they bond better with your natural hair. The static charge also helps these fibers cope with the wind and rain. That also means you can work out with your fibers without worrying about excessive sweating. You might be wondering if these fibers interfere with your natural hair growth trajectory.

The good news is, that the fibers have no impact on your hair growth, as long as you follow all the instructions. Having been in the industry for over three decades, Toppik guarantees that its products are completely harmless. Although you won’t get your hair back, your hairstyle will look thicker for a long time. The earlier you start, the better.

Chicago Hair Institute

Chicago Hair Institute has been helping patients realize their hair goals since 1996. Their main focus is an accurate diagnosis of your hair condition, to help them target the root cause of your hair loss. Diagnosis includes tools like blood work, pull tests, scalp biopsy, microscopy and an evaluation of your medical history. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor at Chicago Hair Institute will recommend a suitable treatment plan, which can either be medication or surgery.

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Swedish Hair Clinic

Swedish Hair Clinic is a specialized clinic in Sweden, whose primary focus is hair transplants, using the FUE method. Their treatments include hair transplants, beard transplants, and eyebrow transplants. Besides Stockholm, Sweden, they also have a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the outstanding things about Swedish Hair clinic is its emphasis on the patient’s welfare. They handle hotel booking, travel between the hotel and the airport, and from the hotel to the clinic. Besides, if you don’t speak Swedish, they provide interpretation services. Once you get to the clinic, the doctor will start by showing you how the hairstyle will look on you. They will then outline the area to be operated on and put you under local anesthesia. That means you can engage in activities like watching the television during the procedure. Usually, the doctor does not transplant more than 2,000 grafts at a time.

Make Sure you Treat the Cause

You will only enjoy effective hair loss treatment if you find an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, your hair might even regrow on its own. That can be the case if you recently had a baby, or underwent cancer treatment.