Easy-to-Order Gifts for All the Moms and Motherly Figures in Your Life

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Time to start searching for a meaningful and loving gift to show Mom just how much you appreciate her. We put together a great list of easy-to-order gifts for all the moms and motherly figures in your life.

Weighted Sleep Mask

Many a mom’s losing sleep, not getting enough rest. The Weighted Sleep Mask uses deep touch pressure. The refined shape blocks out light and ensures it’s dark no matter the time of day. It reduces stress and helps Mom relax.

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“What I Love About Mom” Book

It might seem as corny as all get out, but Mom’s going to love the look on her child’s face as they hand her this book. It’s guaranteed to find a place in her heart and on her bookshelf.

Tea from Around the World

If Mom’s a teetotaler, you can’t do better than this passport to ten, loose-leaf, international teas. It comes with a booklet of brewing tips and info about each tea’s background.

Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

Take a photo of Mom’s favorite recipe, send it over to Esty and get back a cool cutting board with the recipe engraved into the surface. She’ll take advantage of this heirloom every time she goes into the kitchen.

Hardcover Photo Book

One thing every maternal figure has in common is their memories. This custom hardcover photo album is a great way to commemorate her cherished moments. Choose from 11 fabric colors and display her life story with respect and love.

Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Sure, they’re on the pricey side. Isn’t Mom’s comfort worth it? Choose your sheet and duvet style or color. Get extra pillowcases. Lying amid these linens will feel like a hug.

Custom House Portrait

Mom puts a lot of energy into creating a home. Capture it for her with a sophisticated watercolor painting of the house. Supply a photo, the longitude and latitude, and Mom’s favorite quote. Get back a memory that freezes time forever.

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Alexa’s a good friend. She’ll sing you a song, read a book, give a recipe and even tell a joke. It might take Mom a minute to get a handle on using it, but she’s going to fall in love with her virtual assistant.

Neato Robotics Vacuum

The Neato Robotics Vacuum is, well, neato. The device uses lasers to avoid objects as opposed to bouncing off of them. Tell Mom to put the broom down and get some rest.

Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

The Instax Mini Link turns your phone into a printer of Polaroid-style printouts. It captures images from your videos for quick prints. You can add frames and fun filters.

Whether you want to get a nice phone printer or gift baskets for Mothers Day, this list is a great starting point.