Copy and paste on android with a simple touch

If you are taking a lot of time to text someone the same message again and again, you can just simply copy and paste on android it without having to re-do the steps again. To master the art of copying and pasting a text in the preferred location you want, follow the steps below.

Copying a text:-

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   If you want to copy a text from a website, a text message, or any passage, follow the set of instructions below on how to go about it.

  • Finalize the text you want to copy.
  • Tap and hold on the text lightly.
  • A highlight handle will appear which you can tap and drag till how much part of the text you want to be copied.
  • A menu will appear and now tap on Copy.
  • The text is copied now to your clipboard.

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Pasting the text:-

   Once you have copied the text, the next step that comes along with it is pasting that text on the desired location of yours. You can know copy and paste on android in order to know how to paste a text, follow through these steps.

  • In the space where you want the text to be pasted, tap and keep holding lightly.
  • A menu will appear and now tap on Paste.
  • The text that you have copied will be pasted where you clicked.
  • You can now edit the text to your preference.

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Copy paste a link:-

   If you want to send a link to someone through any social media apps, follow these steps below.

  • Find the link that you want to share.
  • Tap and hold the link.
  • Click on Copy and the link will be copied.
  • Go back to the social media account where you want to send it to someone.
  • Tap and hold lightly.
  • Click on paste.
  • The link will be automatically copied on your clipboard.

    With these tips above you can copy and paste on android or copy and send any text without having it to be typed again and again. This is a convenient method and saves a lot of time. You do not have to re-edit also. Hope these tips benefit you in saving your time and at the same time, getting your work done faster.

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