Common Types of Home Water Filtration Systems

Much of the world lacks clean drinking water, but many households in the United States are lucky enough to take it for granted. Yet, water contamination could hit at any time and impact your health. Purifying water is a must if you want to be sure that your home’s water is free from danger.

If you aren’t familiar with the water filtration systems available to you, don’t worry. “What kind of water filtration system should I use?” is a common question—You’re not alone!

Take a look at these common options for how to filter your home’s water.

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  1. Whole-Home Reverse Osmosis Filtering

Perhaps the most thorough way to filter water at your house is through a whole-home reverse osmosis (RO) system. These water filters remove all of the contaminants in the water supply they process.

They press water through a saltwater chamber and a mechanical filter for a product of 100% pure H2O. The main downsides of this system are that it can be expensive and makes a lot of wastewater. Most of the water that passes through a RO filter ends up as waste.

On the plus side, this wastewater is far from useless if you collect it. You can reuse it for non-potable purposes including but not limited to clothes-washing and gardening.

  1. A Home Water Filter System for Well Water

If you’d rather not produce wastewater at all, this well water filtration system is the thing for you. You’ll already have the option of getting water without chemical treatment straight from your well using a pump or bucket. 

For the water you plan on drinking or want to filter for other purposes, using a filter like this system is a cost-effective alternative to RO filtration. It doesn’t use saltwater, but instead several kinds of mechanical filtration to remove particles. After that, the water passes through activated carbon that removes any leftover chemicals.

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  1. Under-Sink Home Water Filtration Systems

Some homeowners don’t want to invest in filtering all of their house’s water. One option to help folks save no matter whether they have city water or well water is filtering water from individual sinks. For example, you may want particle-free water in your kitchen, but don’t feel the need to filter the water that fills your toilet tank.

If your area has particle-rich water with a high TDS (total dissolved solids) count, then you might consider whether mineral buildup could affect your pipes. Removing a large amount of limescale and other buildup or replacing appliances due to it could cost much more than installing and maintaining a full-home water filter system would.

However, filtering nothing but the water that comes in contact with your body—or the water you drink—works well for many homeowners.

What You Need for a Better Life

These common water filtration systems are some of the best options out there for making sure your water is safe to drink and tastes fresh.

Once you pick your next water filter out, look around the site for more valuable information. We have all you need to live well and take your lifestyle to the next level.