Cold Calling Do’s & Don’ts

Finding new clients is a necessity of any business, but it is about survival in real estate. Unfortunately, cold calling real estate clients is a bear of a task and can feel quite overwhelming for the uninitiated. If you are not used to calling strangers and asking for their business, cold calling is a nightmare come to life, but it doesn’t have to be. As with any other activity, cold calling has many dos and don’ts, but you only need to worry about the top four to get you started. 

1. Avoid Asking General Questions

When people are nervous in conversation, they typically fall back on old standby fillers, like “how are you?” Do not let this happen to you. The last thing a prospective client wants to hear is filler dialogue; they want you to get to the point. Instead of using pointless discussion or greetings, start any conversation with “thank you for taking my call” when using your predictive dialer software. Today I would like to talk to you about…” By delving into the point of your call immediately, you save yourself and the potential client time because they can decide if they want to hear your pitch within the first five seconds. 

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2. Master Your Pitch

You need to master your pitch, especially as a high-volume caller. What is a high-volume caller? It is any business that makes more than 20,000 outbound calls per month. When classified as a high-volume caller, your number can be flagged as spam, which means people are less likely to take your call.  

To avoid being flagged, you need to understand the rules of cold calling and ensure you are focusing on the end caller’s experience. Having a solid pitch to summarize your proposal is ideal. Having a solid angle means you can have a focused conversation, one’s potential clients might want to have. 

3. Avoid Long Descriptions

Research has shown that the brain finds it challenging to focus after about 20 seconds of listening, especially in a decisional state. If you want to make the most out of your call time, avoid lengthy descriptions.  

Also, remember that while you are calling to make a pitch and gain business, the primary reason for your call is to offer a service. Real estate is a service industry. You are trying to align clients with properties that suit their needs. Don’t hog all the phone time talking about yourself and your business. 

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4. Leave Enticing Voicemails

One of the best tools for any high-volume caller is the art of voicemail. You want to leave enticing voicemails, the kind that will get a callback. There is no better time to use your primed elevator pitch: a quick 20 second summary of your service and how you can help the client. 

While the above dos and don’ts are not all-inclusive, they offer a starting point for people with real estate cold calling. If you would like more assistance, you can contact local agents to find a mentor or find tools and software that can help.