A Guide to Buying Your First Human Hair Wig

It’s undeniable: Buying a wig for the first time can be overwhelming. There are cheaper synthetic wigs and more expensive hand-knotted wigs in a variety of color options, lengths, and styles, how about the construction of the hat? Combing these details is enough to make you want to give up, but your dream hair is out there and we’re here to help you find it.

This is a lot of wonderful hair flips going on

Unfortunately, this popularity comes with a caveat: Finding the perfect wig among endless variations can be daunting. In a crowded market full of misinformation, how can you be confident in your choices? Knowledge is power, which is why we’ve consulted with industry experts and put together this ultimate guide to buying the best wig!

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Ready to fall in love with your looks

Read on as we cover every aspect of buying a quality wig online to get you one step closer to finding the best hair.

1. Select the hair type: human hair VS. Synthetic wig

When shopping for a wig, your first decision is choosing between synthetic hair and human hair. There are pros and cons to each type of hair, and we dive into synthetic vs. human hair in this guide, but let’s explore the basics.

Human hair wig

Human hair wigs are made from 100% human hair and can be fully customized and styled every day. However, it is important to note that there are different types of human hair and two main categories: European hair and Asian hair. Asian hair makes up the majority of 98% of the market, and only about 2% of human hair wigs use high-quality European hair.

European hair

European hair comes from the ponytails of European women. During the 1980s and 1990s, many Eastern European women donated their hair for huge profits. However, as socioeconomic status increases, collecting European ponytails no longer applies. This is why true European hair is scarce. The reason for the high quality of European hair is that the cuticle is intact, creating a beautiful natural flow, shine, and direction of movement. Due to their rarity, European hair wigs fall into the luxury wig category as they look the most natural, last the longest with proper care, and have strict quality control, manufacturing, and processing standards.

Synthetic wig

The appeal of kameymall synthetic wigs is that they come out of the box and are more affordable. However, they have limitations in styling and have a shorter lifespan than human hair wigs. You’ll also notice that synthetic wigs have a high sheen and don’t look as natural as human hair, especially in sunlight.

Synthetic wigs contain a variety of fibers such as polyester, acrylic, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The type of synthetic fiber used can affect the shine of the wig. For example, inferior synthetic fibers have the highest gloss and lack natural texture and flow. For those who don’t want to draw attention, synthetic wigs may increase the risk of looking unnatural. However, not everyone can throw thousands of dollars into a premium wig, but keep in mind that buying multiple synthetic wigs can also get expensive over time.

2. Find the cap structure that suits you

Let’s talk about the importance of hat structure when buying a wig. Because ultimately, it can have a big impact on your comfort level, styling preferences, and how you like your hairline and parts of it to look. Your bio hair also plays a role in choosing the right hat. For example, if you have alopecia totals or Universalise, you will most likely want to choose the wig cap with the best grip and safety. The following are the various wig cap structures and their respective characteristics:

Wig front cover structure

Lace Front:

·         The lace front cap features a piece of vented lace on the forehead for a seamless hairline. Airing is a hand-finished process in which 1-3 hairs are tied in a knot around the lace.

·         The lace is translucent and blends easily into your natural skin tone.

·         The hairline keeps the hair away from the face for a more natural look.

·         Depending on the quality and workmanship of the hair, knots on the front hairline are barely noticeable or somewhat noticeable.

·         Closed front.

·         Featuring “Under Ventilation,” a front hairline technology that blends in with your natural hair.

·         A great choice for wearing bangs or side bangs.

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Top wig cap structure

French tops:

·         Contains two layers of material: one layer of lace and one layer of monofilament, which hides the knot between the two layers, making it imperceptible.

·         Create a natural look on top of the wig.

·         These layers create a soft and comfortable feeling on the scalp.

·         Usually more expensive due to the materials used and the time to make the piece.

Skin Tops/Monofilament Tops:

·         The smooth and thin nature of the monofilament material top creates the illusion of a natural scalp and sections.

·         Hair is vented to the top of the hat for multiple styling and parting.

·         These knots are visible at the top of the human hair wig.

Lace Top:

·         The knot is tied directly to the lace so it is visible on top of the wig.

·         Move hair in any direction with ease.

·         This style is known for delivering maximum volume.

·         Lighter and more breathable than monofilament tops.