10 Stunning Colour Scheme Ideas for Your Home

What’s the one thing that allows you to express yourself without uttering a word? It is your home. The way it is constructed, the use of space, the décor, and the colour combination on your walls speak volumes about your personality and style. Despite that, it is easy to go wrong. Just choosing the most popular colour schemes may not do it for you.

But choosing the right colour combinations needs some thought, given how many choices you have these days. Fortunately, you can use an online tool, like Berger’s Virtual Painter, to view how different colours look in each room. Alternatively, you can use the Paint Preview facility to upload images of your home and check how it looks in different colours. This can help you choose from the host of Berger interior paint colour choices for the ultimate luxurious look.

But where do you begin? Here are 10 stunning home colour schemes that you can pick from.

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  1. Blue and Brown

Choose the perfect blend of warmer hues and cooler tones. A wooden shade of brown perfectly complements a deep blue for a unique style. Blue is a definite mood booster and helps highlight and elevate the brown, without overpowering it. This is a good colour combo for the guest bedroom or even your home office. For a more luxurious feel, you could choose Berger’s Silk Illusions Non-Metallic patterns.

  1. Bright Yellow and Cream

With the right shade, yellow can make the room look vibrant and chic. Use cream to offset the high energy of yellow. If you wish to tone it down, just add a pop of bright yellow on an accent wall or create textures with it. Add to the liveliness of the room with yellow curtains.

  1. Teal and Gold with White

Combinations with three colours can look amazing. If you’re not shy of making a style statement, choose gold. The rich lustre of this evergreen colour goes well with the restrained luxury of teal, a versatile colour on the blue-green spectrum. Use white on the ceiling or use white coloured furniture to take the room to the next level of elegance. With Berger Silk Illusions Design Metallica, you can choose a flora or radiant glow pattern. Choose Berger Express Painting service to consult experts online to get more ideas to use this colour combination.

  1. Pop Green and Deep Blue

These are the perfect contrasting colours if you’re looking to add a peppy burst of youthfulness to a room. With Berger paints for interior walls, you can achieve the perfect balance between radiance and calmness. This combo looks great with autumn or spring-themed interiors.

  1. Bright Red and Lemon

Wish to invite your guests into a stunning living room? Festive colours can make the magic happen. If you have large windows in the room, you can paint them bright red and keep the walls lemon. ON the other hand, you could paint the shelves a bright red. Berger Empress Rose and Gold Coast give you just this perfect combination.

  1. Green and Shiny Brown

Tell the world that you’re eco-friendly with this colour scheme to paint your walls. Pick emerald or any shade of green with a tint of blue. Complete the look with a rich brown. The great thing about this combination is the regal feel it sets for the rest of the accents in the living space, from furniture and décor choices to flooring and woodwork. 

  1. Sapphire and Mustard

This combination of colours on your walls can add a unique charm to your room. If you’re wary of children treating the zesty mustard as the perfect base for wall scribbling, check out Berger Easy Clean, an emulsion that offers impressive washability and durability, in addition to a luxurious finish.

  1. Scarlet and Rich Violet

The sinful luxury of amethyst and the brilliant deep tones of scarlet is the perfect colour scheme for any bedroom in your house. If your bedroom has a lot of natural light, use Berger Luxol Satin Water Based Emulsion to elevate the violet.

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  1. Orange and Light Charcoal

Looking to blend statement furnishings, or natural or architectural elements like stone walls, into the colour scheme? For rooms that have large windows or walls reserved for shelves and TVs, consider painting them with subtle charcoal. Use interesting patterns, like WiFi or trance, to highlight the wall with cabinets. For the perfect look, pick an elegant shade of orange. The best Berger paint for interior walls will give it a luxurious feel.

  1. Peppy Blues and Pinks

Happy colours are perfect for the dining room, especially if it has minimalist furniture. Pick from Berger’s collection of aqua shades and pinks. Accessorise with beige or off-white for a stunning three-colour combination. 

Choosing the colours and imagining what each room will look like is the most fun part of getting your home painted. Let experts from Berger Paints Express Painting service turn your dreams into reality. With years of experience, automated tools, and the most stringent safety protocols, the painting professionals work swiftly to ensure the best results. They give you a clean and sanitised home when they leave.

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