A Closer Look at Martial Arts and Boxing Competitions

Fighting and defence techniques remain an intrinsic part of human nature. We have always had different forms of hand-to-hand combat with corresponding training requirements and skill levels. Fighting today is not the same as it used to be. People still seek out and receive instruction in different fighting styles with the opportunity to attain expert qualifications. They may train in varying disciplines and achieve skills in more than one style even though they are not likely to be required to ride off into battle. 

These differences arise from the fact that there has been a significant shift in attitudes regarding fighting disciplines and styles. Fighting is now more a form of entertainment than anything else. Disciplines like boxing and martial arts are considered sports with competitions and their rewards cementing the fact.

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These skills are not limited to sports arenas and the participation of athletes alone. Boxing, martial arts, kickboxing and others have become popular alternative forms of fitness, especially among those searching for a full-body workout. Anyone who participates in these activities also has the chance to test their mettle against others by taking part in competitions, for example:

Martial Arts Competitions

We offer instruction in a variety of martial arts from different regions and countries around the world. The term ‘ martial arts ‘ is a descriptor for far more than Chinese Kung-Fu, made famous by prevalent depictions in Hollywood movies. Other forms of martial arts offered at our centres include: Japanese Kendo; a sparring discipline taught initially to and used by Samurais, Muay Thai from Thailand, Brazilian Capoeira, which combines dance-like movements with martial arts, and Korean Hapkido that focuses mainly on defence skills.

For those whose interests lean more towards a discipline that combines several skills and techniques, lessons in a style known as Viet Quyen Dao are offered.


Training for boxing in our clubs is widely available, and allowances are made for your focus requirements, be it training for fitness reasons alone or building your skill to competitive levels. Boxing for fitness purposes primarily enhances your core areas to create more defined abdominal muscles, which play a part in improving posture.

Our clubs take part in boxing tournaments and circuits nationally, giving those who are interested in competing. There are also premiership bouts held between PCYC clubs.

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Olympic Training

We have opportunities and facilities for training in a range of Olympic sports to build and enhance skill as desired. We train in martial arts and boxing, which is also a recognised Olympic sport, although this may be contrary to popular belief. The martial arts training include karate, judo, taekwondo, archery, and fencing. There are also contact sports like wrestling. 

While it is not boxing or martial arts, our clubs can take on gymnasts who are seeking a place in which to train as they attempt to qualify for participation in the Olympics.

PCYC clubs create an environment where fitness is more than just running and lifting weights. We have made room for you to have an avenue where you can explore all the opportunities available to you. 

If you are interested in taking up training in either boxing or martial arts, seek out a PCYC club closest to you and enrol in one of our programs. Your time with us is an opportunity to experience a boxing club with a difference.