A Better View: Home Modifications To Consider This Summer of 2021

It’s nice to spice things up every once in a while. Go for a new hairstyle, experiment on one’s next potential fashion, and try new things one has never tried before. However, with the restrictions forced upon the people by the COVID-19, it is hard to do things normally with this “new normal.” But, of course, there are still lots of things to do inside the house, especially now that summer is approaching.

Summer is when most people have their free time. This is the best time to think about new home improvements to change the aura and enhance the comfort of one’s house. Home modifications can be very fulfilling on one’s part. Here are some ideas to consider during your Summertime home modifications:

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Redecorate Your Bedroom

One can get lost in planning the redecoration of a room. Express one’s inner creativity and search for top-notch room designs online to have an idea or two. One can rearrange the furniture, paint the walls with new vibrant or pastel colors or even go as far as throwing out the old beds and buy the best beds one’s budget can afford.

Now that everything is shifted into the online world, the bedroom can be everyone’s place to stay in the whole day. Beautifying it and putting more accent on it would surely boost one’s mood and productivity. Plus, the entire process can be fun and enjoyable; totally worth the time and effort. Having a freshly rearranged or decorated room can make one extremely comfortable and satisfied while working or having an online class.

Beauty in Landscaping

Throughout the years, landscaping has been one of the top priorities of many people during their summertime home improvement projects. Indeed, an incredible landscape will give one’s visitors and neighbors a good impression. The landscape will provide the house with its unique character and speak volumes about the house’s quality.

It comes down to either hiring a professional landscaper (but where’s the fun in that?) or awakening the hidden artist inside oneself and doing the landscape on your own or with one’s family. These home improvement projects could be a chance for everyone in the immediate family to bond and enjoy quality time together. However, if one wants everything to be precise and is willing to spend cash, one will need roughly $3,000 to $3,500.

Sparkly Windows

What’s brighter and sunnier than good old summer days? Expect and enjoy longer hot sunny days during this season. Go and have that perfect sun-kissed selfie; grab this opportunity to make the windows squeaky clean inside and out. Try to use a cleaning spray and clean cloth together with your family. This is a practical way to bond and have fun with each other’s presence.

Buy certain cleaning products for windows and make sure to clean the windows in a circular motion with one’s hand. Of course, wipe dry the windows using paper towels or a super-absorbent cloth. That way, one can be assured that there would be nothing but sparkly windows after the whole process.

Organize or Modify Closets and Pantry

Nobody likes cluttered closets and pantries. This is one’s time to organize everything. Start with putting less needed things in a storage box or the attic. Go through every cloth one owns so one could identify what still fits or not. One could donate the old clothes to the homeless or to people who need them. Wash the clothes you still need and place them back neatly in your closet.

Filter one’s pantry and throw out the expired canned goods and other foods not needed that are still in store. Canned goods that are still good can be donated. This will be a very excellent, noble, and practical move since many people are struggling during these trying times. One can always buy more.

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Power Wash Your House

Cleaning the house is one thing, but power washing the exterior of one’s home is superb. Power washing is what most homeowners would go with concerning cleaning the outside appearance of their houses. 

One can rent a power washer (also called a pressure washer) or hire professional power wash personnel/company. The cost for the rent would range from about $50 to $100 per day. On the other hand, hiring a professional would cost more, but they always do their job right. Either way, it will make your house appear as if it’s brand new.


Summertime is a great time to bond with one’s immediate or even extended family. But due to COVID-19, it would be risky to go outside. However, one could always bring fun and excitement just to your houses. Do some chores, paint the walls together, redecorate your rooms, clean the whole house with your family. Not only does one’s home would greatly benefit from it, and your family’s relationship and bond with each other.