A Beginner’s Guide To Start Your Patek Philippe Collection

What is a collection? How do you decide to begin a collection? How have you come up with the standards with what you collect?

Collecting, to others, is a hobby. They gather and bring particular things that have a common description to them. Collectors store these things together in safekeeping, and they enjoy having them around. We all have different reasons, mostly personal, and every collector can tell their story through their collections.

Have you decided what you want to collect? Here is a suggestion, and here are some reasons you should start collecting the most coveted watch brand in the world.

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Value and Investment

If you are collecting due to profit, then you must be ready to let your items go. Exchanging your effort to gain money is the name of the game. But may you be warned, collecting for profit may or may not go as expected.

Knowing it or not, Patek Philippe retains, if not, grows in value unlike most watches in the market. This is the reason why most auction Patek Philippe dominates over other auctioned brands.

What is the cheapest Patek Philippe?

  1. Patek Philippe Aquanaut

First released in 1997, this young and modern octagon-shaped face that is equipped with durable material for the strap brought a whole new classic style into the scene.

This watch is made in new composite material. The ultra-resistant strap repels saltwater, and listen to this, UV radiation, as well as being waterproof that can be pressured to 120m deep.

You can have this watch for around 12,950 Euro pounds. Having pre-owned this new model piece from Patek Philipe’s collection doesn’t necessarily pull down to such an amount. The wristwatch is bought off with 10000 Euro pounds at least.

  1. Patek Philippe Nautilus

A collection made from beauty, class, and sophistication. The Patek Philippe Nautilus has been around since 1976. The original design was made with stainless steel. And now, the Nautilus is commonly found in stunning Two-Tone Gold, Rose, and White combinations. The watch was released with the tag of 22,00 Euro pounds when directly bought from Patek Philipe. But if the budget disagrees, there are a whole lot of available pre-owned timepieces on the market.

  1. Patek Philippe Calatrava

The Patek Philippe Calatrava timepiece is a critic favorite for generations and maybe to generations to come. Patek Philippe designed to watch with the pure essence of everything they stand for as a watch brand. The pure, rounded face of the watch with premium movements and precision is what keeps this watch collectible.

The Calatrava has gone through a lot of changes. The model has been upgraded ever since it got out in the ’30s. You may have noticed that no two Calatrava are the same. They vary in materials, strap designs, and Chronograph. The latest Patek Philippe Calatrava piece can cost you 16,000 Euro pounds. But there are open markets with pre-owned watches. They may even offer all different styles made for this collection.

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This might be the most important item on the list. It started with a goal, to make the most perfect watch as the founder of Patek Philipe would declare it. After a few years, the definition for perfect has changed to be the most accurate and aesthetic watch that will be introduced to the world.

The dedication to preserving the traditional craft and historical art with the forms of enameling, marquetry, jewel-setting, engraving, and more is what makes Patek Philippe stand out. No wonder this brand is a wave to conquer the industry.

Aesthetic and Design

No other brand has been crafting watches for men and women decade after decade in different variations. Patek Philippe highlights different forms of watchmaking from the case, tidal, hands, material, and finishing touches. Patek consistently continues to emerge differently every time.

In A Nutshell 

Your collection can define something about you. Usually, you collect what amuses you or what you like in particular. Collections can be very personal because of the effort and desire to keep gathering for your collection.

No one should pressure you to collect, if your heart’s not in it, then don’t pursue it. Again, the list is only a suggestion for people who already are collecting the brand or are looking for watches to collect. You begin to collect when you have made up your mind about what you enjoy having.

When you start collecting, you start creating a list of standards. If that item passes your standard, you collect it. But if you keep collecting all things for no reason then you, my friend, are a hoarder. Keep track of the items you have and don’t have yet. Having a plan and being organized is not a bad idea for collectors. At the end of the day, one thing is sure: the Patek Philippe is worth every penny.