RAW Full Form & Meaning

Are you looking for a RAW full form then you are at the right place, in my article I will give you all the different full forms of the RAW? Like other words, the RAW also has various meanings and full forms it varies concerning the field. Below we are going to learn and understand the What is meaning of RAW and also what is the RAW full form in detail. 

RAW Full Form

The fullform of RAW is Research and Analysis Wing

R – Research 

A – Analysis

W – WingRAW Full Form

The RAW means a foreign intelligence agency of India. The agenda of this agency is to collect foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, advising Indian policymakers.

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RAW Full Form In Police

The fullform of RAW in the police is Research and Analysis Wing

R – Research 

A – Analysis

W – WingRAW Full Form In Police

In police, the  RAW means a Research and Analysis Wing which is involved in the security of India’s nuclear program. The objective of this agency is to 

  • collect foreign intelligence
  • Counter-terrorism 
  • Counter-proliferation 
  • advising Indian policymakers 
  • advancing India’s foreign strategic interests. 

RAW Full Form In Business

The fullform of RAW in business is Remedial Action Workplan or Revenue Anticipation Warrants or Rutger Accounting Web, or Randall and Walsh Associates. 

R – Remedial

A – Action

W – WorkplanRAW Full Form In Business

In business, the RAW is a guideline that proposes a series of engineering and geological procedures, to feasibly perform contamination cleanup actions over a strategic period. 

RAW Full Form In Army

The fullform of RAW in the army is Research and Analysis Wing

R – Research 

A – Analysis

W – WingRAW Full Form In Army

In the army, the RAW meaning is Research and Analysis Wing in which they do not recruit candidates through a written exam or interview. The recruited candidate from the Government department only.

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RAW Agent Full Form

The full form of the RAW agent is Research and Analysis Wing Agent

R – Research 

A – Analysis

W – Wing

AgentRAW Agent Full Form

The RAW agent is a member of RAW that is Research and Analysis Wing which is a foreign intelligence agency in India, and also they get some interesting benefits. 

Raw Full Form In Software

The full form of RAW in software is Risk Analysis Workbench

R – Risk

A – Analysis

W – Workbench

Raw Full Form In Software

In software, the RAW means a Risk Analysis Workbench which is a software platform where risk-based resources from various sources can be accessed and shared. RAW serves as a repository of risk-based resources that can be trapped for use by a variety of users including researchers, analysts, and policy or decision-maker. 

Raw Full Form In Technology

The full form of the RAW in technology is the Routing and Assignment of Wavelength

R – Routing

A – Assignment

W – Wavelength

Raw Full Form In Technology

In technology, the RAW means a Routing and Assignment of Wavelength which is technology in that an optical network is considered a network where requests can be transported on different optical wavelengths through the networks. Each accepted request is allocated a path, its source to its sink, as well as a specific wavelength. 

RAW Stands For

In police, the RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing

R – Research 

A – Analysis

W – Wing


Can IAS Officer Join RAW?

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) recruit its officers and agents in different ways. One of the ways to join RAW in India is through UPSC Civil Services Exam (Group-A IAS, IPS, IRS & IFS Officers). The job profile of a RAW agent includes monitoring the political and military developments in countries surrounding India. 

How Can I Join RAW Without UPSC?

Again, as mentioned above there is no direct entry into RAW. Candidates must work towards passing the UPSC examination first, and then will the chances of recruitment into a department of RAW be likely. IAS, IPS, IFS, officers are all eligible for joining RAW.

Do RAW Agents Carry Guns?

A RAW Agent Doesn’t Carry a Gun On Duty:

For many, it is the weirdest to see a cop without any weapons. But RAW agents are never considered to hold a gun while being on duty. Reason being, RAW Agents are mostly deployed in other countries to find the sensitive information that can be beneficial for India.

Is RAW Agent A Soldier?

Initially, RAW relied primarily on trained intelligence officers who were recruited directly. They belong to external wing of the Intelligence Bureau. After its role expands candidates are also recruited from the military, police and the Indian Revenue Service.


From the above article, you learned the full form and meaning of RAW and also I gave answers to some frequently asked questions from peoples. The RAW is nothing but the Research and Analysis Wing which is one of the reputed intelligence agencies of India. After reading this article you will definitely think to join the RAW agency, therefore, have I gave you an Indian about RAW recruitment. As of now, you never get confused in the full forms of RAW and you won’t need to search RAW full form. 

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