7 makeup tips for those with glasses

It is a common idea that glasses and makeup don’t mix well. But that’s not how it is. If anything, unique glasses frames help in bringing attention to your eyes. There is not a better option to highlight your glorious eyes than putting a frame over them.

But, as many new glasses wearers would know, your makeup needs a little adjustment so your foundation doesn’t rub off and your  lenses are not smudged with mascara. 

Also, the kid of eye makeup you should do depends upon your prescription glasses. For instance, if you have farsightedness, your eyes look bigger and if you are nearsighted, your eyes appear smaller through the lenses. 

Here are some useful makeup tips for the ladies who wear glasses.


Don’t apply too much foundation

One of the most common makeup oops is the dent in the foundation underneath the nose bridge, nose pads and the bottom bar of the frame. 

So if you like to wear a thick layer of foundation on your face, these dents will be far more visible. 

So when you are applying foundation, keep it light and thin on your nose. Try to keep the makeup dry on the areas where your glasses touch your face. It will prevent the glasses from sliding down due to moisture and rubbing off any foundation. 

Your glasses may also fall off when you frame is loose on your face. When you buy glasses online or from a local store, make sure the frame is sitting perfectly on your face. 

Groom your brows

We are not suggesting you wear your brows thick and bold. How you should groom your brows depends on what frame style you are wearing. 

If you are sporting a curvy frame with round lenses, keep your eyebrows neat and curvy. If your frames are thick and rectangular, a more bold and angular brow will get the job done. 

Oversized glasses lenses might magnify your brows and if you have small hair growth along their ends, they will become more visible. So you might need a tweezer to pull out the stray hair.

Use a contact lenses

Nowadays wearing contact lenses is one of the most popular fashion glam looks that women are using. Contact lenses from https://www.contactlensesplus.com/ provides different coloured contact lenses that you can take advantage of the daily look that you wanted. The good thing about these contact lenses is that you can wear them and at the same time you can also wear your glasses. This is a great beauty hack that you can try on and surely enjoy the overall glam or beauty look result.

Tweak your eyeliner and eyeshadow

One certain way to highlight your eyes is putting on eyeliner. Whether you are wearing a perfectly winged stroke or doing smokey eyes for a full lash illusion, your eyes are your canvas.

If your lenses are magnifying the field of vision, your eyes appear bigger. In case you don’t wanna be called bug-eyed, wear dark and more smoky. The thickness of your eyeliner depends on the thickness of your frame. For example, if you are rocking thick blue light glasses frames, keep the liner bold and  thick.

To make your eyes appear more wide, apply nude liner along your waterline. To brighten your eyes, choose a light shimmer for the centre of your eyelid and mix it with nude eyeshadows.

Curl your eyelashes

If you don’t want your mascara to rub your lenses every time you blink, make sure you curl your lashes. Use a waterproof mascara that adds volume and not length. Do not forget to use an eyelash curler if your lashes are long. This will make sure your mascara is not coming off on your lenses and you have a clear field of vision.

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Use concealer

Glasses cast a type of dark shadow around your eyes. And the magnifying lenses bring more attention to the hollow under your eyes. If you don’t want anybody to notice the 

Applying concealer to hide any blemishes and irregularity around your eyes is the safest bet. It will create an even tone and hide your dark circles. Always use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. 

Adjust your face makeup

If you are doing dramatic eyes, keep your makeup light paired with a nude shade of lipstick. Just put on a little bit of concealer and foundation to even out your tone.

For a light eye makeup, you can go a little extra on your face and lips. Also, use setting powder to fix your makeup in place.

For those who wear varifocals

If you wear varifocals, you should consider applying eyeliner only on the lower lid. The reason being, the top part of your varifocal glasses give a magnifying view. And when you apply liner over that, your eyes appear wide open. In this case, wear a light liner on your lower eyelid and balance the difference.