6 Reasons to Not Drink While Sailing

It is legal to have alcohol on a boat. However, you shouldn’t drink while sailing. There are many reasons against this, and we discussed them below. Read ahead. 

Boater’s Fatigue

Boater fatigue is a common issue. The hot sun and being out on the water all day would make you feel very tired. As you can imagine, consuming alcohol won’t help with boater fatigue. You would likely feel x4 worse. 

What’s worse is that the fatigue can make you feel dizzy. You could fall overboard. If you’re intoxicated, your reflexes would be slow, so you could easily drown. 

The horrible feeling of boater fatigue combined with being hang over would feel worse than anything you’ve experienced before. It might take more than a day to recover. 


Get a DUI

Just like drinking and driving could lead to you getting arrested, boating and drinking is a criminal offense too. Thankfully, being charged with drinking while sailing isn’t as severe as getting a DUI. That being said, you would still have to pay a hefty fine. 

If you get caught drinking while operating a boat more than once, you will get jail time. You would have to hire experienced attorneys, like Jeff Mass and Robbie Tsang

If you’re charged with drinking while sailing, the offense would be on your record forever. This would make it harder to get future employment. 


As you’ll be under the sun, your body would sweat a lot. Although the constant sweating would keep you cool, you would start to dehydrate. If you’ve been consuming alcohol all day instead of water, you would feel the effects of dehydration more strongly. 

Lose Sense

Let’s talk about being dehydrated while being intoxicated again. A person with not much water in their system would absorb alcohol faster. Their blood alcohol percentage would quickly and drastically rise, which can cause them to quickly lose their senses. 

As mentioned, being drunk while operating a boat is a criminal offense. Even if you’ve not consumed much alcohol, your blood alcohol level would be higher than usual if you’re dehydrated. 

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Out at sea, it can get very cold at night. Hypothermia is when your body loses heat due to freezing surroundings. During hypothermia, your nervous system and organs stop functioning properly. Unfortunately, hypothermia can be induced faster when you’re drunk. 


Are there many people on the boat with you? If all of you are intoxicated, the harsh conditions of being under the sun all day could cause a fight to occur. As you’re not in your senses and are tired, who knows how far the fight could escalate? 

When it comes to drinking while sailing, there are many reasons against it. The most important would be that you could get into legal trouble. If you’re arrested for it more than once, you would face jail time. Another reason you shouldn’t consume alcohol while operating a boat would be preventing very bad boater’s fatigue. Also, being drunk could cause hypothermia to induce faster. When you’re facing hypothermia, you could die.