4 Cities in the Carolinas You Should Consider Moving To

The Carolinas are incredible states that offer the chance to enjoy fantastic views, and affordable living: but in all of this fantastic space, how do you pick where to land?  If you’re aiming for the Carolinas, but aren’t sure where to go, these are the top cities to consider!

Why Move to the Carilinas?

There are countless reasons to head to North or South Carolina!  Both of these states have a taste of paradise!  Not only is the cost of living lower in both states, but you also get a great range of places to live, from mountains to coastlines, and beautiful piedmonts in between.  

The Carolinas also have a ton of culture, with unique music, food, and entertainment that you can’t find anywhere else.  Although they’re each their own unique state, they’re both also incredibly similar, and more like paternal twins than cousins.

These states offer a quality of life that simply can’t be found anywhere else, and is work moving for!  These are the best cities that call them home.

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Jacksonville, North Carolina

Jacksonville feels like a mix between a small city and an international hub!  Home to the largest marine base on the East Coast, Jacksonville is a pleasantly surprising area.  From the vibrant downtown that has live music and nightlife, to the incredible marshes, schools, shops, and restaurants, you’ll feel like you’re in a city that’s both brand new and hundreds of years old. 

Jacksonville reinvents itself every few years, so if you want a city that never gets boring, it’s time to check out this coastal charmer.

Columbia, South Carolina

Creativity, excitement, and endless entertainment: Columbia delivers on everything you could want.  Beyond the fun, there’s also a long and terribly interesting past that you can explore through multiple museums, galleries, and historical landmarks.

Columbia houses for sale are generally more expensive than others on this list, but it’s worth it to live in an area with so much to offer.  Not only are the schools in this area fantastic for families, but you can also find awesome job opportunities with the endless options in this city.

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New Bern, North Carolina

New Bern is a great place for anyone who wants to feel like they live in a small town while living in a large city.  Not only is the theme of the town cute, with countless bear motifs, and fun pokes at its past: but you can also find nonstop shopping, food, and business opportunities here! 

This city is the birthplace of Pepsi, so it takes a lot of pride in how it’s changed the world through flavor!  This is also a great place to start a family, since lower crime rates, and more walkable neighborhoods, make New Bern, North Carolina, a dream come true.  

The Carolinas are Home to Endless Magic

If you’re ready to move to the most interesting area of the country: it’s time to move to the Carolinas!  These fantastic states can be a dream come true to anyone who wants to find paradise.