10 Weired Questions That People Throw At Vapers

Vaping is fun. And it is a healthy alternative to cigarettes. You can replace the high-nicotine content of cigarettes with the juice of your choice. Even buying is easy with . Not only that, you can enjoy making myriads of cloud patterns with your  Electronic Cigarettes.

But do you know, people are still ignorant of this device? Many still think that it is some kind of high-end cigarette or a drug!

And guess who handles the weirdest questions? The vapers!

Here are the top 10 rib-tickling queries that every vaper must have answered at least once:

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  • Is this a drug?

OK! Got it. The vaping pod looks like some sophisticated drug in taking a device. But it is just for enjoying vapor from different juices. There is not an ounce of the drug.

  • You left a cigarette for an e-cigarette. Is it logical?

Yes. I left cigarettes for e-cigarette because I can regulate the nicotine content in this. The biggest advantage of using an e-cigarette is that you can slowly replace the nicotine-containing juices with nicotine-free variants.

  • I heard these vapor pods blow up?

Well, you need to buy a good quality device. All these reports had one thing in common; a cheap vaping pod. As long as you invest in a good device, there is no danger of it blowing up.

  • Why are you vaping in a no-smoking zone?

Because vaping is not smoking! Vaping is all about creating smoke clouds and enjoying the smoky flavors of different juices.

  • This must be addictive? Why don’t you seek medical help?

Well, e-cigarettes are the help! I am using it to reduce my nicotine content while satisfying my craving.

  • How can you trust something that is not even regulated?

Another misconception! All the e-cigarette flavors are regulated by the FDA. It is not that any manufacturer can put any ingredient without seeking proper permission. Even the maximum nicotine content is regulated.

  • E-cigarettes are not age-regulated. Isn’t it so?

Every country has strict laws regarding the sale of tobacco-containing products and the same rule applies to e-cigarette too. You cannot buy it if you are less than 18 years of age. Many countries even have designated shops for selling these.

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  • I heard you lose all your teeth on vaping. Is it true?

See the thing is tobacco does cause dental problems. Frequent tobacco consumers report that they suffer from dental cavities, plaque, and other issues more often than non-consumes.

You need to be vigilant about your oral health. Simply because you vape, does not mean you will lose your teeth. E-cigarettes have lower nicotine content than traditional cigarettes. Moreover, there is more danger of your teeth falling from chocolates and red wine than vaping. So, just calm down. Your teeth will not fall from vaping.

  • Have you ever tried drinking the e-juice?

Why would I? Never have I tried and never will I! E-juices are meant to be smoked. In the liquid form, they have high nicotine concentration. It can be lethal.

  • Have you ever tried making e-juice by yourself?

E-juices are not something that you can look for in the cookbook! I prefer buying than experimenting with something myself.