Top 3 B2B Marketing Tactics That Use Email

Marketing is a core part of any business, even if you’re not dealing directly with consumers, or rely on referrals from other businesses. You need to know exactly which tactics to use if you’re going to make effective sales, especially if your marketing campaigns are costing you money. However, a lot of marketing tactics can be easily afforded when you make use of email to do it!

As time goes on email marketing is something that is becoming more and more prevalent, especially when it comes to business-to-business marketing. If you’re in need of B2B marketing tactics, then email marketing is something that you should absolutely be making use of.

So what exclusive leads strategies are available to you? What are the best B2B email marketing tactics available to your business?

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1.  Cold email marketing

If you’re not familiar with what cold email marketing is, it’s the process of sending an email to a prospect recipient with the goal of starting a conversation. In this case, you would send your initial email to a potential client, and leave it open for them to follow up on what you’ve sent them. Your goal would be to tell them what to expect but leave them wanting to know more about it.

If possible, start off by telling them what they could be missing, or a problem that they’re having without your product – without telling them what you’re selling. As you finish off the email, you would typically suggest that you can solve the said problem if they were willing to hear more about what you’re selling. Remember your goal is to create replies, you don’t necessarily need links on your email.  Have the email look like your salesperson sent the email from their outlook account.

2.  Using business email lists to help social media marketers develop lookalike audiences

An email is a powerful tool, and if you have already built a list of potential clients, then you have a method of generating both profit and valuable information. You can use your email lists to identify customers and develop lookalike audiences. Social media marketers take customer information, and use it to find people with similar interests, and generate leads with higher potential based on interests that different customers have in common. Using this information to find more customers is what is known as a lookalike audience.

You can buy business leads to help you gain this data, and you’ll find that it will immediately help you to find more likely clients, which is one of the top marketing strategies you can use in a B2B scenario. It can be hard to reach clients when they don’t know that they need something, and even more difficult if there’s a lack of clients available due to the availability of such data.

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3.  Using business emails in your ABM campaigns

ABM or account-based marketing is a strategy that many B2B marketers are enthusiastic about picking up, but what is it and why? Well, account-based marketing is a strategy that targets businesses based on the decisions that individuals in that company usually make to identify which businesses would make for the best potential clients. Of course, a business is more than just one head with one interest, but the decision-makers in said business would likely have a certain direction in mind.