Yoga As One Of The Best Relaxation Exercise

Yoga is an exercise that helps you work on some specific aspects of your body and mind.

There are different types of yoga and hot yoga is one of the popular types, thus if you are thinking of taking hot yoga classes and you reside in Nashville, you can check out hot yoga studios of Nashville.

Yoga is more like a form of exercise that works on your body, soul, and mind, yoga exercises help to calm your mind and help with your physical outlook also.

There are different types of yoga based on their poses and benefits the body, we have Bikram yoga, karma yoga, Raja yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, Anusara yoga, Yin yoga and so much more, they all have the function they perform in the body, choosing to go for any of this yoga all depends on your physical and mental need and ability. But let’s take a look at Bikram yoga which is a form of hot yoga. 

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What hot yoga is all about

Hot yoga is one of the types of yoga exercises that have become quite popular, it is usually performed under humid and hot conditions, in a room that is at least 105 degrees hot and has 40percent humidity so as to result in sweating. This yoga involves some sets of poses that are done in a particular order and it also involves some rules that must be abided with during the exercise to get a better result. This form of yoga is also usually great for those who plan to lose weight because the yoga exercises make you burn lots of calories.

During hot yoga exercises, it is usually advisable to put on light and breathable clothing since you’ll be doing a lot of sweating, so you can be comfortable and concentrate during the workout session. Hot yoga regardless of the fact that it makes you sweat a lot, it will also make you much more flexible. According to research, hot yoga is being done in hot weather so as to aid blood circulation, improve breathing, relax the body, help you mentally, great for your skin, aid flexibility, and also detoxify the body. To learn more about the different breathing techniques that will help to improve your breathing, you can download the Breathwrk app.

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However, due to the intensity of hot yoga, it is advisable to practice safely as it can cause dehydration since you’ll be sweating a lot, which is why it is advisable you take a lot of water and exit the room if the heat gets too unbearable for you, especially when you’re doing it for the first time, don’t try to cope with the excessive heat because it could lead to heat exhaustion which is bad for your health. As much as you want to involve in any form of yoga exercise, put your health into consideration.


If you are looking for a more intense yoga workout and plan on working on your physical posture and flexibility and in the process also burn some calories, then hot yoga exercise may just be for you.