Why You Should Install EyeRide Fleet Dash Cameras on Your Vehicles

Fleet dash cameras are increasingly becoming important for all kinds of businesses. Fleet companies and even private motorists find dash cameras to be useful in several ways. In places such as the UK, trucking companies are fast adopting in-vehicle camera systems to improve their operational efficiency. In particular, the government’s decision to give funding to police forces to make it easier for road users to use dashcam footage as evidence for road traffic incident investigations is a positive factor that has contributed greatly to the popularity of fleet cameras in the UK.

Integrating dash cameras into your organization’s fleet can be very beneficial to the growth of your transport business. For example, EyeRide in-vehicle cameras will allow you to track your drivers’ behavior closely, minimize risks of vehicle theft and record evidence for accident investigations and insurance claims.

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Here are 4 good reasons why you should consider installing EyeRide fleet dash cameras in your vehicles.

  1. Evidence collection

Video footage from your cameras can back up the account of your driver if they have an accident. Besides providing clarity around insurance claims, dash cameras can help fight against falsified insurance claims, which increased by more than 7% between 2018 and 2019.

When you install EyeRide dash cameras in your vehicles, you can readily access video snippets based on the exact timeline of the events. This could be used to disprove liability resulting from any false claims.

  1. Track driver behavior

Without the aid of cameras, it can be hard for fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ habits when they are in remote locations. By integrating fleet cameras with GPS tracking software, you can review footage of reckless driver behavior and offer constructive feedback to improve their driving skills.

Monitor your driver in real-time as they make sharp turns, accelerate, and brake. Visualizing your driver’s behavior behind the steering wheel is one way to correct their bad habits.

  1. Cut down your insurance premiums

Some insurance companies offer discounts to car owners who install vehicle surveillance systems such as cameras and GPS trackers. Save money on your insurance premiums by investing in fleet cameras from EyeRide io; the leading manufacturer of vehicle tracking software, bus entertainment systems, and dash cams. Reduce your fleet’s operating costs by lowering your premiums through fleet cameras.

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  1. Protect your workers

Advanced EyeRide dash cameras also offer an extra layer of security to fleet companies and their workers. Protect your drivers on the roads by equipping them with the necessary tools to improve their view of what’s around them on the road. When used hand-in-hand with comprehensive fleet tracking solutions, in-vehicle cameras can greatly improve driver training and performance.

Benefits of EyeRide automatic vehicle location (AVL) system

GPS-based automatic vehicle location systems are designed to help passengers track where the buses are and how far they are from reaching their destination. Cut down on time-wasting and boost the efficiency of your fleet company with EyeRide AVL systems. Installing automatic vehicle location software will allow users to receive quick alerts based on arrival. You will also be able to plan and manage your routes with AVL.