Undergoing hair loss can be a traumatic experience. When you begin to realize that either the process of thinning or balding is happening, you begin to panic. This panic leads you to try various methods which can help combat hair loss. Hair loss can be temporary as well as permanent. When you have been undergoing permanent hair loss, undergoing a Hair Transplant Toronto is a great idea. Before you decide, it is always best to know whether you would be a suitable candidate for the procedure or not, as a hair transplant is not the best solution for all kinds of hair loss. Here are some of the characteristics of a person who would be the right fit to undergo the hair transplant procedure.

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Great overall health

Being in overall good health is crucial for undergoing the procedure. In case you are a smoker, you would have to quit smoking at least two weeks before and after the procedure, as smoking can impact the healing process. Ensure that you consume a balanced and rich diet which will help to fasten up healing. In case you are experiencing any kinds of health issues or are on any prescribed drugs, it is best to notify your surgeon about that as they will help you make the right decision keeping your health in mind.

The Donor Density

In a hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles are extracted from your scalp and placed into the targeted area. For a successful transplant to take place, you need to ensure that there is adequate donor density. The amount of hair that can be used for the transplant is usually taken from the scalp’s back and sides. This is the area that is robust and has follicles that are less prone to falling out. Having enough density in the donor area is reasonably necessary.


The Right Age to undergo hair transplant

At very young ages, hair transplants should be avoided. People who undergo hair loss at a young age would likely be advised of other hair loss treatment processes like Propecia or Rogaine, which will help combat hair loss and invigorate and strengthen their hair. A hair transplant is an excellent option for the future, under the right indications. Your surgeon would be the best person to suggest when you should consider undergoing the procedure.

Type if Hair

No two people have the exact type of hair. For normal or thick hair with straight or curly texture, you can easily undergo the FUE process.


It is always best to book your consultation with an experienced surgeon. They will carry out a thorough scalp examination and discuss what you aim to achieve through the procedure. Once that has been done, they will determine whether you are the perfect candidate to undergo the procedure or not. They will figure out the right approach that will help you to reach your hair goal. Whenever you are planning to undergo a hair transplant, it is always best to have realistic expectations.