When to use financial planner tools

The simple answer to ‘when you should use financial planner tools’ is whenever you are dealing with money, especially someone else’s money. Whether you are saving, investing, maintaining wealth, striving towards a financial goal, or you are a financial planner with customers who have these objectives, financial planner tools will be a huge advantage in making it happen. Whatever it is we are doing, these days we are looking for quick, accurate, and easy. When it comes to our finances, we want to grow and protect our wealth in a way that is easy to understand and can be accessed, and monitored, whilst we are on the go. This is where financial planner tools show their strength.

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Growing wealth

With the help of financial planner tools, you can grow yours, or your clients, wealth with less worry by making well-informed decisions. Through historical data, presented in an easy-to-understand format, you can show your clients investment performances, comparisons, and ultimately pass on valuable advice. If you are looking to increase your client base then create happy existing customers who will happily tell their friends, family, associates, and anyone else who will listen how well their financial position is improving, and that you are their secret weapon. Nothing beats word-of-mouth from happy customers to build your financial planning business.

Wealth protection

Just as valuable as growing your clients’ wealth is protecting it. With the help of financial planner tools, you can work with your clients to create an achievable budget that they are happy with and will ensure their expenses and spending don’t balloon out. You can also produce detailed reports on their investments, net worth, and much more. Making wealth protection as simple as possible. Wealth management is especially important to those clients that have a limited amount of money. Such as your retired clients who are living off their superannuation and need to ensure it lasts. 

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In a technical world, digital access is a must and for financial planner tools it is no different. That’s why companies like advice intelligence take advantage of today’s technical advances and provide financial planner tools that can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Your clients can conveniently open their a.i app, or go online, and through the interactive discovery process they can enter their information, current financial position, and their goals giving you an insight into their wants, needs, and wishes. Your clients’ can then monitor their savings, investments, and budget while you get to keep all their information in the one secure portal, where you too can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. Digital financial planner tools allow for easier collaboration, better information storage, and an overall more professional financial planner service.

Give your financial planning business the upper hand over your competitors and incorporate advice intelligence’s financial planner tools into your financial arsenal today. With our help you can grow your business and create happier customers. Contact the team at advice intelligent and book your demo today.