What to Do If You Get Stopped for Suspected Drunk Driving 

If you have been behind the wheel for long enough, chances are that you will get pulled over for suspected DUI at some point or another. Now, regardless of whether or not you do have alcohol in your system, it is important to behave in the appropriate manner. 

Ensuring that you take the right steps may potentially prevent you from going to jail. At the very least, you will be able to make certain that the situation with the police don’t escalate, getting you into further trouble. So, on this note, here is what you need to do: 

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Pull Over as Requested 

The moment that it is indicated that you need to pull over, do so. Find a safe spot for you to park and indicate to the police that you are stopping. Then, stop the engine and put your hands on the wheel. Don’t attempt to leave the car unless you have been asked to do so. 

Avoid making any sudden movements or talking over the police. Rather, listen to what they are saying to you and only follow orders such as handing over your license and registration and getting out of the vehicle if requested. 

Speak to the Police Calmly 

An impending DUI arrest can make you nervous and jumpy. Not to mention, you can feel annoyed if you are being unnecessarily hassled by the police. Despite this, it is important to always be calm. What’s more, be respectful towards the police at all times. This can prevent any situation from escalating. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t feel the need to divulge unnecessary information to the police. Do you know that you don’t have to tell the police if you have been drinking or how many drinks you have had? Instead, inform the cop that your lawyer has advised you not to answer these questions without legal representation.

Know Your Rights 

Furthermore, there are several rights that most people aren’t aware. For instance, while you do have to get out of your vehicle, you are under no obligation to follow requests for a field sobriety test. This includes walking in a straight line, put your finger to your nose, etc. Tell the police that you know your rights and require legal representation before complying. 

On the other hand, you do have to submit to a Breathalyzer. Refusing to do this will result in a one-year suspension of your license. Not to mention, in some regions this is simply not an option. Thus, it is a rule that you will need to follow. 

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Get Counsel as Soon as Possible 

From the moment that you are able, find an impaired driving lawyer near you and call them up. They will then be able to begin representing you immediately. These experts will also be to give you advice on what to do next to improve your chances of getting the case dropped. 

Remember to always listen to what your attorney has to tell you. In particular, this involves only answering questions that they tell you to. This will ensure that you don’t give the police any more ammunition than necessary. 

These are the top things to do if you get pulled over for drunk driving. Keep these in mind and you should be able to tackle the issue quickly and easily.