What Is The Work Of Patwari?

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What Is The Work Of Patwari?

In the intricate tapestry of governance in many countries, there exist roles and positions that often go unnoticed but play a critical role in maintaining order and facilitating public services. One such role is that of the Patwari, a title with historical roots in South Asia. In this blog, we’ll delve into the responsibilities and significance of a Patwari in managing land records and serving as a local revenue officer.

Who Is A Patwari?

A Patwari is a government official responsible for maintaining and updating land records in rural areas. The term “Patwari” is derived from the Persian words “pat” meaning “land” and “wari” meaning “keeper.” Patwaris have been a part of the administrative system in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for centuries, and their role has evolved over time.

The Work Of A Patwari

  1. Land Record Maintenance: The primary and most crucial responsibility of a Patwari is to maintain and update land records within their designated area or “patwar.” This includes keeping track of ownership, size, and land use changes for all parcels of land. These records are vital for legal, revenue, and agricultural purposes.
  2. Land Revenue Collection: Patwaris are responsible for collecting land revenue and other government dues from landowners in their jurisdiction. They ensure that landowners pay their property taxes, and they also record any changes in land ownership that may affect the tax assessments.
  3. Land Partition and Mutation: When land is divided or transferred, the Patwari is responsible for overseeing and documenting these transactions. They update land records to reflect changes in ownership, ensuring that land titles are accurate and up-to-date.
  4. Settlement and Survey: Patwaris often play a key role in land settlement and survey operations. They help in demarcating boundaries, determining land ownership, and resolving land disputes.
  5. Agricultural Census: Patwaris assist in collecting data for agricultural censuses, providing valuable information on crop production, land use, and agricultural practices.
  6. Disaster Relief: In times of natural disasters like floods or droughts, Patwaris are often involved in assessing the damage to crops and property, which helps the government allocate relief funds and resources.
  7. Local Liaison: Patwaris act as intermediaries between the local population and government authorities. They often assist residents in matters related to land records, inheritance, and land-related legal procedures.

Challenges And Modernization

While the role of a Patwari has been crucial for centuries, it is not without its challenges. One significant challenge is the potential for corruption and land disputes due to inaccuracies in land records. Modernization efforts, such as digitizing land records and introducing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), are being undertaken to improve transparency and accuracy in land management.


The Patwari serves as a vital link in the rural administrative and revenue collection system, ensuring that land records are accurately maintained and landowners fulfill their tax obligations. While the role has evolved over time and faces challenges, Patwaris continue to play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of land ownership and taxation in many regions. Their work may go unnoticed by many, but it remains an essential component of governance in rural areas.

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What Is The Role Of Patwari Class 6?

The Patwari is responsible for inspecting the crops grown, maintaining land records and keeping a work book, which is updated on a daily basis. He provides this information to the panchayat. Then, the panchayat fixes the taxes on land based on these records.

What Are The Other Name Of Patwari?

Lekhpal, Kanungo, Karamchari, Village Officer.

What Is The Role Of Patwari Class 7?

The Patwari is responsible for measuring the land and keeps details like maps of all the plots. The Patwari is additionally concerned with assembling information for the census. Patwaris play a crucial role in village disputes associated with lands.

What Is The Work Of Patwari In Upsc?

The principal role of Patwari in rural administration is to measure land and maintain land records. Each Patwari is in charge of a set of villages. In different parts of the country, the Patwari is referred to as Karchari, Lekhpal, Village Officer, or Kanungo.

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