What Is The Motto Of NCC?

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What Is The Motto Of NCC?

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a prestigious youth organization in India that instills values of discipline, patriotism, and leadership in its cadets. At the core of its philosophy lies a simple yet powerful motto: “Unity and Discipline.” In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of the NCC motto, its historical context, and how it guides the organization’s mission.

The NCC: A Brief Overview

The National Cadet Corps is a voluntary youth organization established in India with the primary objective of developing character, leadership, and a sense of service among young citizens. It was founded on April 16, 1948, and since then, it has grown to become one of the largest youth organizations in the world, with millions of cadets across the country.

The NCC operates under the Ministry of Defence and is open to students from schools and colleges, as well as those from different socio-economic backgrounds. It offers training in various fields, including drill, shooting, adventure activities, and community service, all while instilling values of discipline, patriotism, and unity among its members.

The Significance Of The Motto

The NCC motto, “Unity and Discipline,” encapsulates the core values and principles that the organization seeks to instill in its cadets.

  1. Unity: Unity is the cornerstone of the NCC motto. It emphasizes the importance of working together as a cohesive unit, transcending differences in backgrounds, languages, and regions. The NCC aims to foster a sense of unity among its cadets, promoting national integration and social harmony.
  2. Discipline: Discipline is the bedrock of the NCC’s philosophy. It teaches cadets the importance of self-control, responsibility, and adherence to rules and regulations. Through discipline, cadets develop the qualities of punctuality, orderliness, and respect for authority.

Historical Context

The choice of the motto “Unity and Discipline” for the NCC has historical significance. It was adopted in the wake of India’s independence in 1947, a period when the nation was striving to overcome the challenges of partition and establish a strong, unified, and disciplined society.

The motto served as a reminder of the need for unity among the diverse communities and regions of India. It also emphasized the importance of discipline as the foundation for building a self-reliant and prosperous nation. In this context, the NCC played a vital role in shaping the character and values of India’s youth, preparing them to contribute to the nation’s growth and development.


“Unity and Discipline” is not just a motto for the National Cadet Corps; it is a guiding principle that shapes the character and values of the young cadets who are part of this esteemed organization. Through their training and experiences in the NCC, cadets learn the significance of working together in unity and upholding the principles of discipline. These values stay with them as they embark on their journeys as responsible and patriotic citizens, contributing to the progress and unity of the nation.

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What Is The Motto Of NCC Adopted?

The motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline” which was adopted on 23 Des. 1957.

Who Is The Founder Of NCC?

The Cadet Corps Committee which was formed on 29 Sep 1946 with Pt HN Kunzru as chairman held six meetings in South Block, New Delhi.

Who Is NCC Head?

DGNCC. Lieutenant General Gurbirpal Singh, AVSM, VSM was commissioned into The PARACHUTE REGIMENT in 1987. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

What Is The Oath Of NCC Cadet?

I do hereby solemnly promise that I will serve my motherland most truly and loyally, and That I will abide by the rules and the regulations of the National Cadet Corps.

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