What Is Mate’s Receipt?

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International trade is a complex web of documentation and procedures, with various documents ensuring the smooth flow of goods across borders. One such document that plays a crucial role in the shipping industry is the “Mate’s Receipt.” In this blog, we will explore what a Mate’s Receipt is, its purpose, and its significance in the world of international shipping.

What Is Mate’s Receipt?

A Mate’s Receipt, sometimes referred to as “Mate’s Delivery Receipt” or simply “Mate’s Receipt,” is a document issued by the mate or officer in charge of a vessel, typically a ship, when cargo is loaded onto the vessel. It is a preliminary acknowledgment of receipt, confirming that the goods specified in the receipt have been loaded onto the vessel for shipment. The Mate’s Receipt is considered a non-negotiable document.

Key Components Of A Mate’s Receipt:

  1. Vessel Information: The document includes details about the vessel, such as its name, registration number, and voyage number.
  2. Cargo Details: Specifics about the cargo being loaded, including the type of goods, quantity, weight, and any special handling instructions, are recorded in the Mate’s Receipt.
  3. Port of Loading: It mentions the port where the cargo is loaded onto the vessel.
  4. Date and Signature: The document includes the date when the cargo is loaded and is signed by the mate or officer overseeing the process.

Purpose Of A Mate’s Receipt

  1. Acknowledgment of Receipt: The primary purpose of a Mate’s Receipt is to serve as a formal acknowledgment that the goods specified have been received by the vessel for transport.
  2. Documentary Trail: It is an essential part of the documentation process in international trade, providing proof of the cargo’s acceptance and loading onto the vessel.
  3. Preparation for the Bill of Lading: The Mate’s Receipt is often used as a reference document for the preparation of the Bill of Lading, a critical document that represents ownership of the goods and is negotiable.
  4. Verification and Accountability: The Mate’s Receipt helps ensure that the cargo loaded matches the details provided by the shipper, preventing disputes or discrepancies in the shipping process.

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Significance In International Shipping

  1. Legal Requirement: Mate’s Receipts are often required by port authorities, customs, and shipping companies as part of the documentation process for international shipments. They play a vital role in complying with shipping regulations and requirements.
  2. Cargo Tracking: For shippers, carriers, and consignees, Mate’s Receipts provide a transparent record of when and where the cargo was loaded, allowing for easy tracking and accountability during the shipping process.
  3. Prevention of Disputes: The Mate’s Receipt helps in preventing disputes or misunderstandings related to the quantity, condition, or type of cargo loaded onto the vessel.
  4. Cargo Insurance: It serves as evidence that the cargo was in good condition when loaded, which is essential for cargo insurance claims in case of damage or loss during transit.


The Mate’s Receipt may seem like a small and straightforward document, but it holds significant importance in the world of international shipping. It ensures transparency, compliance with regulations, and accountability in the shipping process. As goods continue to traverse the globe in an increasingly interconnected world, understanding and adhering to these essential shipping documents is crucial for the smooth flow of international trade.


What Is The Meaning Of Mate’s Receipt?

A Mate’s Receipt is a temporary receipt issued and signed by the officer of a vessel, to acknowledge the goods ready to be loaded on a ship. This acts as evidence that goods were loaded in the vessel but it does not have the same validity as for instance, the bill of lading.

What Is The Mate’s Receipt Of The Bill Of Lading?

Mate’s receipt is issued when goods are placed on board ship after verification of quantity and condition. Bill of Lading is prepared & issued based on Mate’s receipt. Mate’s Receipt is prepared and issued by chief officer. B/L is issued by Master, or Agent, or Owner of the ship, or charterer.

What Is Mate Receipt In Marketing?

It is a receipt for the goods received on board a ship. Much of the information contained in the mate’s receipt is carried through to the bill of lading. The mate’s receipt is issued by the ship to the shipper or their agent and exchanged for the bill of lading, so alignment between the two documents is important.

Who Signs The Mate’s Receipt?

A Mate’s receipt (MR) is a receipt issued and signed by the chief mate of the ship for goods received on board.

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