What Is CGS?

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In the world of physics, the term CGS is frequently encountered, but its application extends beyond the realms of science. This article aims to provide a detailed exploration of what CGS is, its significance in physics, medical terms, finance, and various units associated with the CGS system.

What Is CGS?

CGS, or Centimetre-Gram-Second, is a metric system of units primarily employed in physics. It is characterized by the use of centimeters for length, grams for mass, and seconds for time. The CGS system is particularly prevalent in scientific research, simplifying calculations and measurements.

CGS Units List:

  • Centimeter (cm): Used for measuring length in the CGS system, one centimeter is equal to one one-hundredth of a meter.
  • Gram (g): The unit of mass in CGS, one gram is equivalent to one-thousandth of a kilogram.
  • Second (s): Representing time in the CGS system, one second is the standard unit of time.

CGS Unit Of Force:

The CGS unit of force is the dyne, where one dyne is the force required to accelerate a one-gram mass by one centimeter per second squared. This unit is fundamental in understanding and calculating forces on a smaller scale.

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CGS In Medical Terms:

In medical contexts, CGS is often used to represent certain units. For instance, the centimeter may be used for measuring body dimensions, the gram for drug dosages, and the second for timing medical procedures.

CGS In Finance:

While the use of CGS in finance may not be as common, it can be employed in certain calculations, particularly in risk management and quantitative analysis. The precision offered by the CGS system is advantageous in specific financial models.

Mks And CGS System:

MKS (Meter-Kilogram-Second) and CGS are two different metric systems used in physics. While MKS is widely adopted in the International System of Units (SI), CGS continues to be relevant, especially in certain branches of physics and astrophysics where smaller units are more convenient.

CGS Unit Of Work:

The unit of work in the CGS system is the erg, defined as the amount of work done when a force of one dyne moves its point of application one centimeter in the direction of the force. It is a small unit, but its precision is beneficial in certain scientific calculations.

CGS Unit Of Time:

As mentioned earlier, the second is the standard unit of time in the CGS system. It is universally accepted and used in various scientific applications, including physics, astronomy, and engineering.


In summary, CGS, or Centimetre-Gram-Second, is a metric system widely employed in physics and scientific disciplines. Its units, including the centimeter, gram, and second, offer precision in measurements, making it valuable for specific applications. Whether in medical terms, finance, or physics, understanding CGS enhances our comprehension of the quantitative aspects of the natural world.


What Is The CGS And Si System?

The CGS system, abbreviated for centimetre, gram, and second of units, predates the recent International System, also known as SI units. This is the current iteration of the metric system. The CGS system is a different system based on the important units of centimetres for distance, grams for mass, and second for time.

What Is The CGS Unit Answer?

Centimetre–gram–second system of units. … For example, the CGS unit of force is the dyne which is defined as 1 g⋅cm/s2, so the SI unit of force, the newton (1 kg⋅m/s2), is equal to 100,000 dynes.

What Is CGS Unit Of Energy?

The SI and CGS units of energy are joule and erg respectively.

What Is Measured In CGS?

CGS system is one of the world’s first measurement systems developed by the French people. It stands for Centimetre Gram Second. So, length, mass, and time are expressed in the units of centimetre (cm), gram (g), and second (s) respectively.

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