By using new techniques of science, the technology has been developed in the world. Things got easier day by day by using these technologies. Now you can easily make whipped cream at home very easily and in a cheaper way. A whipped cream is nowadays very well known . Many benefits can be attained by using the whipped cream charger. You can now make restaurant style cakes and custards etc at home . Beautiful decorations on  cakes and other sweets can be done by whipped cream chargers at home .

Structure of the charger:

This charger is a steel cylinder and  is filled with a gas called nitrous oxide ( used as whipping agent) in  dispenser. It has two ends ,one end is narrow and the other is rounded. The narrow end is heated with a very folded coil which releases the gas( N2O). This is done by a  sharp pin present inside the dispenser. The usual name of these chargers is whippets or more commonly nangs.

The cylinder of whippets is about 6.3 cm long , 1.8 cm wide and has two ends on both sides. The walls are of the interior charger is about 2.2 mm . 

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These  were originated in the Europe and also three factories are involved in the production of these chargers there.

The gas used in the cylinder of whipped cream charger:

The gas used in these whipped cream chargers is called the nitrous oxide.This gas is also known as laughing gas and it is non-flammable and also colourless. This gas is a compound of oxygen and nitrogen . It was  discovered in1772 by Joseph priestlay but it was named by Sir Humphry Davy . The physiological effects of nitrous oxide were also demonstrated by Sir Humphry Davy.This gas ( nitrous oxide) is also used for many other purposes as an oxidiser..

 nitrous oxide is the one and only gas that can be used in the whipped cream chargers. Instead of nitrous oxide you can not use any other gas in the dispenser. I will say  it again the nitrous oxide is the one and only gas that can be used in the whipped cream chargers .This should be clear to to you.

Usage :

When you put the charger into the holder , you should screw it on the top of the canister. You should make sure that the narrow end should be upward while doing that. Then twist this gently until the gas is released. You will hear a sound like “ hiss” when it happens.

How it  works?

Well, here the whipping agent as the charger .. When it starts working ,all the ingredients inside the dispenser get stirred with the  ( nitrous oxide) , a lot of bubbles are created and give the whipped texture that people are loving it madly.

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Questions :

How long the cream can be kept in the dispenser?

You should check the expiration date in the whipped cream, so according to it you can keep the cream in the dispenser . It’s a good point to be noted .

Why the cream is more inside but not coming outside?

 If you are feeling the there is more cream inside but won’t coming outside , the truth is that you will mostly have a very small amount of cream in the end  which would not come out. This is because it is mixed with nitrous oxide and it might look like it’s too much but it is not. Remember! Always shake before using it.

Why the cream is so runny and watery?

You aren’t shaking the dispenser before using .

There may be a leak in the dispenser.

The cream you are using does not have a high fat content.


You N2O may be very old.

Top 5 best whipped cream chargers:

  1. N2O charger by Foma gas.
  2. Creamright ultra-purewhip
  3. Whip-it
  4. 120 count 8 gram cartridges
  • Ultrapure whip cream charger-case of 300


  new addition to the kitchen. 

The cream  is more voluminous and foamier.

No tired hands  and great product . 

The cream made  is very softer than the hand whipped version.

Impacts of long term use:

As we all know that the excess of everything is bad . So here also the long term use of this can cause insufficiency in vitamin B12 harming the nerves.

Price range:

As we all know, beauty doesn’t come cheap. However most of the whipped cream chargers’ prices are from 50$ to 100$ .

Where you can buy it?

These chargers are sold at head shops or grocery stores under the brands EZ-whip or any other. They came there in boxes of 24 or 12.