What Compensation You Are Eligible For if You Are Injured From a Defective Pressure Cooker.

Pressure cooker popularity has risen since the past decade because the manufacturers advertise them as the safest way to prepare food quickly. However, due to increased accidents, many pressure cookers are being recalled. Some examples of defective pressure cooker injuries include burns, electrocutions, and explosions.

Injuries caused by faulty pressure cookers can affect your everyday life after the explosion. Filing a pressure cooker lawsuit can compensate for the losses and damages and make you financially whole. Lawyers can maximize your compensation or settlement. 

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Here are some of the compensation you are eligible for if you are injured from a defective pressure cooker, including both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages

  • If you require surgery, prescription drugs, medical equipment, tests, physical therapy, or a repeat doctor’s visit, your attorney will help you reimburse.
  • You will be compensated if you cannot work and suffer a wage decrease at a new position.
  • If your home is damaged after the accident, you will be compensated for the losses and will provide you the cost of repairs in the losses sustained.
  • If you lost a loved one in the defective pressure cooker accident, you would be able to file a wrongful death suit.

Non-economic damages

  • You can not prove some damages with lost wages or assets, and you may face emotional damage and suffering. Your lawyer will indeed work to include all accessible compensation in your case.

There are different types of products that can cause injuries, so a product liability lawsuit that provides compensation for an injury can be divided into three categories-

  • Defectively manufactured products.

These include products that became defective while production or somewhere during distribution.

  • Defectively designed products

These include products that were defective by design, even if they were manufactured correctly. 

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  • Failure in providing correct instructions or warning

Claims like these can be referred to as ‘defective marketing’ as they lack appropriate instructions on using the product.

Product liability lawsuits can be filed against any party along the product distribution chain. It includes manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, or distributors who helped bring the product to the market.

If any defective pressure cooker accident occurs, causing severe injury to you or your loved one, call 911 immediately. Do not touch your surroundings. Leave the pressure cooker as it is. Click several photographs of the scene. These pictures will help you in providing evidence in the lawsuit. Your lawyer will then look after the matter.

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