What are the most commonly used electrical insulation materials? 

In electrical installations as well as in household appliances, good electrical insulation is of paramount importance to avoid breakdowns and accidents. Within an electric field, electrical insulation materials separate elements of different voltages from each other and prevent the passage of energy. They are therefore essential. Continue reading our article to find out more about this subject. 

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Electrical insulation materials: what are they ? 

Depending on their electrical behavior, there are conductive and insulating materials. Conductive materials conduct electricity, while insulating materials do not allow electricity to pass through them. Insulators are valuable in the construction of electrical equipment and in home electrical systems, so there are a few basics to know. Conductors include all metals, including gold, zinc, silver, iron, copper, etc. As far as insulators are concerned, there are solid and liquid insulators. Liquid insulators are mainly oils and are mainly used for transformers and large installations. In domestic installations, the most commonly used insulating materials are : 

– Glass: this is an inorganic quartz-based material. In terms of electrical conductivity, the best type of glass is Pyrex, which resists very high temperatures and is not sensitive to moisture. Because of its high thermal resistance, it is also used in the kitchen, especially for cooking. 

– Silicone: Silicone allows your electronic systems to last considerably longer and also offer better performance. These results are possible thanks to the coating and encapsulation of silicones. If you are a professional user of silicone and would like to learn more about its electrical properties, you can visit this website : elkem.com. Elkem is indeed a professional company of the sector which will be able to bring you many information on this field

 – Porcelain: is an inorganic ceramic material. It is used for high and medium voltage insulators and in bushings for external use. For domestic electrical use, it is used as a lamp holder in contact with the bulb. 

– Polymers: These are organic compounds made up of molecular chains. Today, they are the most widely used type of insulation, both for their versatility and for their low cost. However, they are not very resistant to high temperatures and are therefore used with systems that maintain low temperatures. 

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How electrical insulation is used 

The use of electrical insulation is the basis for the construction of any standard-compliant electrical installation or electrical appliances. Today, the use of polymers has solved many of these difficulties, and most electrical components are made of this material. The main ones are :

 – Cables: these are used for all electrical connections to carry current from one point to another. They have a conductive core (usually copper) and are covered with an insulating plastic sheath. 

– Pipes and ducts: Whether inside walls or, for convenience, mounted on the outside, ducts are the pathways through which cables pass. Today, they are also made of polymers. 

– Connectors: these are electrical components whose function is to mechanically connect different electrical components. Also in this case, the parts in contact with the outside are made of plastic. 

– Electrical insulating tape: this is a plastic tape that is used to cover exposed wires or to insulate electrical elements. There are different materials: from the most classic adhesive tape to those that resist high temperatures for special uses. 

We hope you have found our article informative and that you have learned more about the subject.