What are the Most Common Issues Involved in a Divorce in Connecticut?

Divorce is never a simple matter. People break their marriage vows and separate families. No one goes into divorce expecting it to be an easy process, but there are certain aspects of the process that can make it simpler than others. Divorce can become very complicated if children are involved, however. It’s important to understand the issues involved in a divorce and how they affect you and your family.

Hiring a Connecticut divorce lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your family law case. A lawyer can help you understand the process and keep things moving forward. Having a professional on your side will make sure that you can protect yourself and your rights throughout the process. Property division is one of the most common issues in a divorce. If you do not have an idea of how to divide property, it could end up being divided incorrectly or not at all. Your lawyer will assist you in dividing the property as simply and quickly as possible.

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Now let us check into the common issues usually involved in a divorce in Connecticut.

  • Alimony

Many people look forward to alimony, but it’s a payment that requires careful planning. Rocking the boat could cause problems if you’re not prepared for what to do. You’ll want to consult with your lawyer and discuss your options before moving forward. If you should choose to move forward with a divorce in Connecticut, one option is alimony. Your lawyer can help determine whether or not it would be beneficial for you and your spouse to go through a divorce.

  • Child support

When parents divorce, the family court will have to decide how support payments will work. Both parents will have a say in this matter, but there are some steps that can be taken to make things easier for everyone. In many cases, the non-custodial parent is required to pay child support. However, if you’re taking care of your child full time, you could petition the court to request that the custodial parent be ordered to make payments.

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  • Child custody and visitation

Custody is the most important aspect of a divorce when children are involved. When you’re going through a divorce, it’s best to come up with custody agreements that benefit everyone involved. Be sure to take your time and determine what’s best for everyone. You could get advice or help from your divorce lawyer.

  • Property division

After you and your spouse finalize your divorce, the court will need to determine how the property will be divided. Property division can be complicated if there are any assets or debts. Your lawyer can help you with this process and ensure that everything is divided fairly in accordance with Connecticut law.

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